The tears started almost as soon as I turned my head away from her. She was a West Fargo bus driver that was going above and beyond. She had stopped her bus in the middle of an unplowed street. I thought this was odd, but given the recent snow and slick roads, I thought she must have stopped where she did as she had slid through the stop sign. I was wrong.

She unfolded the buses “STOP” sign and opened the doors. I assumed there was an older child getting off of the bus. I turned my head back to concentrate on the slippery walking path and kept moving. I then heard her say, in a confident, happy, sing-song voice, “There you go!”

As I swiveled my head, I saw her bent over the littlest of little ones. He was so tiny his hat and jacket seemed to engulf him. She was standing closely behind him. Her hands were gently upon his back, encouraging him, guiding him, supporting him. She was helping him cross the rough, unplowed street. The energy of this simple, courteous, kind act along with the beauty surrounding the protective safeguarding of this tiny little sprout was wondrous.

The physical scene playing out before my eyes caused me to smile. I turned my head forward once again and continued on my walk. I was thinking how amazing it was that I was able to witness this kindness, this glimpse of humanity. But before I had fully taken two steps, I was overcome with emotional pain and my smile faded. I began sobbing in an unstoppable, cathartic kind of way.


  1. of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
  2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

I had never heard this word prior to Monday. Susie said it about me during our recent Reiki session.  To put it in laymen’s terms, think of “liminal” as the point where you have exhaled but have not yet begun to inhale or when something ends and something else has yet to begin. Liminal.

She intuited that I had sustained a “big hit.” That “hit” was received directly in my emotional heart and it brought me to my knees. I felt raw, exposed, and vulnerable. I was in shock. I had to draw on every bit of emotional healing and spiritual growth I had done over the years just to avoid becoming irrevocably broken.

I cancelled my yoga session for today. I didn’t really know why; I didn’t have a good explanation for Andrea other than I needed to cancel. This started a series of events.  My beloved husband asked me if I was going to be out and about today. I told him no. He mentioned he wanted to check out his land and take pictures. I brushed it off and said I was comfy in my pajamas.

A few minutes later I looked up from cyber-land and glanced out the window. The snow had stopped and the wind was calm. I decided to put on my boots and go for a walk. Walking has always been my choice of mental elixirs and cardio.

I was returning from said walk when the school bus slid to a halt and the scenario began to play out. I found myself thinking that in a world that seems to have gone bat shit crazy for so many of us, there is still hope for mankind. There is still beauty to be seen. There are still random acts of kindness to be witnessed.

This…THIS was the true reason I was led to cancel my yoga session. I know it. I feel it.  A little healing energy/love wrapped up as a bus driver and a littlie. THIS is why the succession of the other non-coincidental events unfolded the way they did. THIS was my liminal, my suspended breath. It’s over now. I’m breathing again and I am looking forward to the something new that is beginning.

NOTE: What emotionally took place isn’t for you to know, at least not now. Someday, I may write about it but for now, I choose to keep it private. Please respect this. I will not answer questions and I do not have it in me to respond to your individual well-wishing, encouraging emails, texts, FB posts and phone messages. If you’d like to send me love spiritually, I’d welcome that. Know that I’ll thank you spiritually, too.

Channeled Message 6.20.14

Melissa’s Note: I’ve seen so much discord and physical injuries with my clients lately that I asked my Guys for a channeled message. I asked them if all this upheaval was due to Mercury being in retrograde or the upcoming Summer Solstice.  This is their response….

“You humans put too much emphasis on a certain day (i.e. Summer Solstice) when the reality is, the energy exchange has started weeks prior.  Have you not all felt it? Maybe it translates into unease for some of you. Maybe it shows itself as unrest or even fear. Maybe you are struggling with relationships or letting go of that which you know is no longer for your highest good. Whatever it is, the majority of you are feeling out of sorts or distended, if you will.

We offer you this: This energy blast will not last.  This One rolls her eyes as she transcribes this and perhaps she is wise to do so. She is no stranger to how we work and she knows that when we say something will not last, it could become worse before it becomes better. She is a veteran in the trenches and has seen her fair share of triage as well as bruises and bumps.

We wish to let you all know that YOU are making this more difficult than it really needs to be.  You are given options and sometimes you choose the easy route and sometimes you do not.

What is the ‘easy route’ you ask? It is simple.  Let go of all that is no longer serving a purpose (for your highest good). Time to declutter? Then do so. Time to weed out the weeds in your life? Then do so.  Time to cut dead weight? Then do so.  See? We tell you it is simple and yet you humans sometimes make mountains out of mole hills.

We do not understand why you languish at some of these changes. Have they not served you better in the long run? Have you not thanked the Powers That Be for allowing you to move forward and find greener pastures?  Have you not rewarded yourself for getting through the emotions and energies that seem to plague you?  Yes, YES! We see that you do! Time and time again, we see that you do.

And still some of you struggle to retain the Old. Yes, yes, we know it is ‘comfortable’ as this One is telling us. We see that patterns are hard to break but we offer you this; why did you choose to reincarnate? Why did you willingly and lovingly choose to return to a planet where there is so much dysfunction and abuse? We will tell you. It is because you CHOSE to do so. You CHOSE to return in order to work out issues, amend judgments and right wrongs that you were not able to do in past lives.

Everything, EVERYTHING that you are struggling with can be made easier if you will allow it to be so. We do not wish to sound trite, we wish to sound knowledgeable as that is our role in your lives. We are here to guide you and help you but ultimately, you make your own decisions. Right or wrong, you will live out the consequences of your actions.

Sometimes you will need to sit with your decisions and other times it will come naturally to you.  It is as it should be. You are guided by an inner compass, if you will, that you humans call “intuition.” For some of you, you have forgotten this innate gift, while others embrace it and hear its call.  Intuition is there to help you, to guide you, to show you and to help you heal. Ignore it at your own peril.

We offer you this; do not fear what you cannot see for it often turns out to be exactly what you need. We deal with your spiritual growth and we never steer you wrong. Ever. It is not in our DNA as you humans like to say.  It is our job and we take it very seriously. We are here to guide you and help you grow. How you perceive our help is up to you.

You are being asked to let go of all that does not serve you. That may mean ending relationships that are tired and worn, moving beyond taxing emotional burdens or embracing something new.  Whatever it means for you, do not fear it for it is not to be feared. It is to be embraced, rejoiced and enjoyed.

Are we speaking directly to you? You might think so, but this is something that is meant for the masses.  Globally.  There is no “right or wrong” as it is all just energy. How you deal with that energy is soulely (did you catch our play on words?) up to you.

We leave you now with gratitude.  You are strong and have an amazing sense of character.  Keep honing and refining and you will see the load lightening or shifting. Or you can choose to stay just as you are and feel battered and broken. The choice is yours.”

Channeled Message 3.21.14

PREFACE:  I just can’t seem to get to a place where I can write a blog. The Guys asked me if I would document a message from them and well, saying no isn’t really an option. 🙂

“Dear Ones, we hear your screams. We know we have left you in agony. It is incomprehensible and we sincerely and most whole-heartedly apologize for the delay in your dreams manifesting. Some of you wish to give up and in truth, some of you have.  We have accepted more of you back into our loving arms than any of you will truly know. It is just the lay of the land.  People tire and when they tire, they can no longer climb or go forward.  These people do not wish to continue their learning and request a ticket to the Promised Land.  No. We do not make light of what you humans call heaven for to do so would be a sacrilege against what you believe. We would never do that, it is not our way.

This One (me) is tired, too.  She has been in the trenches with the rest of you triaging those that find their way to her.  She is tireless and is a proud warrior but we see the new lines beginning on her face, as well.

We wish we had better answers for you but this is all uncharted territory for us as well. Some of you think we are omnipotent and should be able to solve all the earthly dilemmas, but we tell you we are far from it. We are from a meld that contains vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom about your spiritual growth, but some of the questions you are asking or demanding answers to are literally above our pay grade. We borrowed that expression from our little One as we feel it fits.

We urge you to not give up the fight. There is dawn right around the corner. This One wants to punch us and maybe she is right to want that.  It is horrible what this latest energy burst has done to some of you. Others have weathered the storm fairly well and well, still others have opted to return home. It is a cycle; it will continue for as long as there are human inhabitants on planet Earth.

We do wish to bring to you a ray of hope, a spark of sunshine, if you will.  This can’t last forever. We promise you it WON’T last forever.  Even now there are streaks of brilliant orange, yellow and red on the horizon. The end of this phase is near. The question you all should be asking yourselves is what will be your first step when you feel unencumbered again.  Plan for that, look TO that.  That will be your salvation and redemption, all in one.

Some of you still have some dust to shake out of the rugs you call life. Others fair better as they have already done their spring cleaning and rug shaking.  It is in everyone’s best interest to realize that no one is an island; you are ALL inter-connected.  If that makes sense, wouldn’t it benefit you all to help those who are in supreme pain? Wouldn’t it feel right and good to do so?  In essence, you are really helping yourself by helping others. Ahhhh….now some of you see where we are going with this. Good!  If you are ALL energy, then helping or healing one of your masses has a residual, positive effect on the greater good.

We urge you to focus your bright eyes on the everlasting dawn that is coming. Focus your thoughts and desires on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Once this energy blast has cleared, you will feel unfettered and free to move about the country. It is as it shall be.

We remind you; you are NOT alone, not now, not ever. There is always someone watching over you whether that person be incarnate or ascended.  We will help where we can, of course, but this journey is yours.  What will you do today to make it better?

We leave you now knowing we hear your pleas. We hear your turmoil and watch you struggle with the unknown. We rejoice that so many of you are already aiding others for to do so will save the world as you know it.”   

(Melissa’s Note: Holy Schamolly! That last line packed a wallop!)





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What’s IET? It’s Integrated Energy Therapy. Ok, so what’s Integrated Energy Therapy? The long and the short of it is IET is energy work that is specifically designed to help heal emotions, negative beliefs and/or karmic problems.

My friend Shannon performs IET and told me it was created by a Reiki Master so there are a lot of similarities to Reiki. IET differs because it specifically uses a cellular release/imprint method as well as 9 Healing angels. During my session, Shannon explained she’d be using trigger points to release the old and imprint the new. A couple examples of this would be to say, release heartache from the heart and imprint it with love or release fear from the kidneys and imprint safety. She told me how, in IET, angels were associated with different parts of your body (i.e. throat, heart, liver, kidneys, etc.) and would assist with each clearing/imprinting.

I expected this to be a lot like Body Talk where there is a continuous dialog between myself and the practitioner. I also thought I’d be an active participant by saying affirmations with each release.  That was not the case (for my session, anyway) and I kind of liked the silence. I found myself internally repeating, “I easily release all that is no longer for my highest good.”

As with Reiki, I was fully clothed and lying on a massage table. I was peacefully floating along and feeling the gentle energy course through my body. While Shannon was at my throat area, I had an interesting physical reaction. My heartbeat increased, my breathing became shallow and I felt something close to panic. My eyes fluttered open and I said, “Shanny. I’m having a very physical reaction to what you’re doing” and I told her my symptoms. She said she was currently releasing trauma or shame from my throat area. 

I didn’t know what this trauma or shame was about but I once again internally repeated, “It is safe for me to let go all that which is no longer for my highest good.”  I did not have a reaction like this again, although I did have a boat load of deep inhalations/exhalations, some leg/foot twitches and a weird on again/off again itchy sensation in the palm of my right hand.

Once our session was finished, Shannon said memories or ‘stuff’ might come up for me to examine.  Boy howdy! I didn’t have to wait long. My first painful memory was about two hours after our session. I was minding my own business, doing my own thing when whammo!  At the time, I didn’t know what this was about as I hadn’t thought about this person or the event in years.   Then another memory not 24 hours later and this one was even more painful and happened years prior to the first one. Upon reflection, both these memories harbored shame and betrayal.

Why did I schedule an IET session in the first place? Because I wanted to see if it would help me get rid of my processed sugar cravings and help me break the addiction cycle. This was also my intention when I went into session so I know the return of these shelved memories are somehow tied to my addiction. 

One of the websites I researched said all the clearing/imprinting is done while IN session so a client doesn’t have to do any ‘work’ once they leave the session. But for me, I found myself examining these memories with a different set of eyes. I was left wondering why I hadn’t let the pain/shame/betrayal associated with them go as I believed I had. Perhaps these memories briefly reappeared to let me know the trauma surrounding them is leaving. Only time will tell.

(Melissa’s Note: Want more info on IET? You can contact, Shannon via FB or click on the website link above).





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I’ll be the first to admit I don’t like big changes. I like changing my hair color and nail polish and even mixing up my gym classes, but big changes? Nope.  The type of changes I’m talking about are the ones that involve letting go of something that feels as comfortable as a fuzzy blanket on a cold day. I’m talking about something that is or has been a large part of you for any given length of time.

To me, big changes are scary. It feels like an upheaval or even a burden. It’s the unknown that gets me, you know? I know what I have now, and it works, but I don’t know what a change will bring. This is a difficult concept for a recovering control-a-holic.

I had a client yesterday who, when the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ channeled message came through for her, said she didn’t like change all that much either. However, we both agreed that almost every time we’ve decided to embrace the big stuff, we’ve looked back and said, ‘what took me so long?!’ 

I’m a gal who didn’t get on the texting bandwagon until three years ago. All my friends had it, including my husband, but I didn’t want it. I was happy with my little un-smart cell phone. It did all I needed it to do; answer and send calls.  It took me YEARS to get a cell phone (remember, Michele and Charmaine?!), then when I did I glommed on to it like it was my first born.

My husband kept insisting I upgrade and I insisted he stuff it. Then came a point where I thought it would be kind of cool to have a camera on my phone. I upgraded to another un-smart phone and it was the cat’s meYOOwww (it doesn’t take much to please me, evidently). I also started texting but I had a lot of fear surrounding that. I didn’t want to be available 24/7/365. I didn’t want to be that plugged in or connected. Texting felt like an intrusion and it also felt really foreign (when has something new/different NOT felt foreign?!).

I stumbled through feelings of ineptness while using the old ‘hunt and peck’ typing method. But I learned and I learned quickly. I actually found myself (gasp!) LIKING texting.  Pishaw!  I had resisted it for SO long and now I can’t live without it.

That’s just one story. I could go on and on about how I like to resist change. Oy!

As of Monday, the Guys are saying the old way is out. If you try to do things the old way, you are going to be met with resistance (translation: a brick wall).  But, I LIKE the old way! It’s comfortable and it was working well for me up until this latest energy shift. Bawaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

This shift has left me feeling overwhelmed and at times, debilitated. It’s been difficult for me to practice what I know.  When you’re feeling like you’re in an abyss, it’s really difficult to remember what you’re supposed to do to get back to the mountain top or even a North Dakota hill. Luckily, for me, Reiki is my saving grace. When I do my Work, I am able to get ‘clear’ and once again see things (and hear things) from a higher perspective.

My Monday clients helped with that as it was during both their sessions I heard you just can’t continue doing things the old way and expect them to work in the new energy.

But, I don’t know HOW to do things the new way, I only know the old. I haven’t learned or been educated in the new way. The dreaded familiar sense of feeling unsupported wafted over me like the smell of limburger cheese on a hot radiator.

So I said (whined), “I’m so frustrated and I feel completely unsupported. Why is everything (drama!) feeling so difficult? Are you telling me I should get out of Reiki?! Do you WANT me to continue doing my Work?! Give a girl some help here, brothahhhhhs!”

As soon as I was done with that highly unrealistic rant (there really are so many wonderful, supported things happening with my Work), I heard, “Use social media. Send out your requests to the masses. Let them help.”  Uh…. (head scratch)…..oooooooohhhh (blink).

Ok. I’ll step out of my comfort zone and try something new with my blog readers. I’d like to find a way for my blogs to reach more people. Are there any magazine/newspaper/on-line publication (etc.) personnel who can help me with this??

Well, that didn’t feel as needy as I thought it would. Huh. I have other requests as well, but I’m feeling to vulnerable to address them right now.

Hey! Epiphany alert! A thought just occurred to me on change. Every change is triggered by a need or desire for something different and in most cases, something better. Right? So once there is a want, energy is given to that need/desire by thinking about it. Then it’s brought into reality by physically taking action to make the change happen.  

Huh. Were you aware of that? It makes sense and it kind of eases the fear of big change for me. But only just a little.

Reiki (part III)

(This blog is a continuation of my Reiki (part I) and Reiki (part II) blog.)

Remember earlier I said I was ‘led’ to Reiki? I believe God wanted me to be a Healer so He allowed me to have a disease that I was able to overcome in order to see the profound beauty of Reiki. It was, after all, that disease that led me to Reiki and got me thinking I’d like to help others with this amazing Art.

I want to talk about the levels of Reiki training. There are four of them. Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III and Reiki Master. The only fundamental difference between a Reiki I and a Reiki Master is that as a Master, according to Dr. Usui’s system (that’s the one I’m trained in) you can teach Reiki to others.  And teaching is in my blood.

I love, LOVE teaching Reiki. In Reiki I, I get to see newbees eyes widen when they feel the energy of others for the first time. In Reiki II, I get to hear ‘that was so cool’ when we literally send energy to each other and in Reiki III I get to give a beautiful attunement that is unlike any other.

What’s an attunement? Yes, I suppose I should answer that. An attunement is me and the Powers that Be opening up dormant energy centers within you so that you can more efficiently and effectively give Reiki to yourself and others.

The attunement is the reason you should really REALLY find a Reiki Master that you resonate with when searching for Reiki training. Truly, not just anyone will do. You’ll carry or house some of your instructor’s energy after he/she gives you the attunement. Make sure it’s the kind of energy you want.

Do you need to take Reiki classes from a Reiki Master? I feel you do, but that’s just me. There is no substitution for a hands-on class or the feedback/questions you get from other students.  There are on-line courses available, and they are what they are, but for me, I’m not a fan. Again, there is something so dynamic about the energy of certain individuals coming together, learning and bonding in a comfortable, intimate training environment that you can’t get with an on-line course. You won’t be able to experience the wonderment and beauty of the hands-on attunement process either. But that’s just me. You do what you’re led to do.

Does being a Reiki II, III or even a Master make you better than another level? NO! No how, no way, no, no, no. There are individuals out there who are kind of snobby about holding a Reiki Mastery title, but let me tell you, it doesn’t make them any better than a newly attuned Reiki I.

One of the beauties about Reiki is the more you use it, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you use it. If you, as a Reiki I practice Reiki often (whatever ‘often’ means to you, for me the term mean means almost daily), you can literally receive/give more energy than a Reiki III or even a Master. Why? Because Usui Reiki isn’t about titles, it’s about how often you use it.  And yes, that means even if you are just giving Reiki to yourself everyday.

So, should a person experience Reiki before taking the training? Well, that depends. For me, I’m not sure I would have been so gaga over it if I DIDN’T experience it. For others, they jump right in to the training. Whatever is your preference.  A caveat though, some Reiki practitioners, as with any professions, are not ethical, morally responsible or even respectful of their Trade. They do not walk the walk, so to speak. Yes, unfortunately, they are out there.  Please be mindful of that.

If you are thinking about having a session or taking training, here’s some questions you may want to ask if you don’t personally know your Practitioner:

1.     How long have you been doing this? (There’s no right or wrong answer here – experience doesn’t make a practitioner better than one with less, it’s just a piece of the puzzle.)

2.     How often do you receive Reiki? (Personally, I receive Reiki daily, but what you’re looking for here is to see if the Practitioner is active or stagnant in her practice.)

3.     Where did you take your training? (Again, on-line courses are fine. It’s just another piece of the puzzle that needs to fit with your needs.)

4.     How long have you been teaching? (Again, just another piece of the puzzle.)

These are just a few questions that came to mind. What you’re looking for is your level of comfortableness and confidence with this person. Is he/she personable? Professional? Polite? Respectful? Knowledgeable? Do you resonate with their ideas or energy? All things to think about.

I love my job. I really, REALLY do. I can’t imagine doing anything else that would give me such a deep sense of peace. I have so much more to tell you about Reiki, including the miracles I’ve witnessed and how you really can send energy three inches or three thousand miles, but I’ll end it here.

I hope it’s obvious how passionate I am about my Work and the people Reiki has allowed me to help. If Reiki is something you’d like to receive or learn, then find a practitioner that resonates with you.  As my friend MarJean says, “There comes a point in your life where you have to stop asking ‘why’ and start asking ‘why not?’    😉

Note: If you want to share your own Reiki story in the ‘comment’ section of this blog, I encourage you to do so. That way others can  learn from your own amazing personal experiences.

Reiki (part II)

In my last blog, “Reiki (part I)” I was telling you about how I was led (yes, led…you’ll see why I chose that word later) to Reiki.  I was telling you that while you may think Reiki is a cure-all to end all cure-alls based on my own personal Reiki miracle experience, there is so much more that goes into your Healing.

Let me be crystal clear; Reiki is NOT a cure-all but I have seen so many miracles that defy the odds. Again, Reiki is energy work. Reiki goes by a Divine Power (whatever you chose to call that Power) to where it is most needed. So if you go to a Reiki practitioner for a migraine, you may notice your knee feeling better but you still have the headache. You may seek out a treatment to sleep better and then find old achy emotional wounds have been dredged up so you can heal them.   Reiki goes where it needs to go. It isn’t up to the practitioner to control …that all happens at the hands of God (the Universe, Higher Power, whatever your terminology is).

I’d like to also say that I believe if you are meant to die from or have a disease, there is nothing Eastern or Western medicine can do to change that. Even if you have a powerful mind and believe you’ll completely heal, that may not change the cards you were dealt. Sometimes, we are meant to learn life lessons and one of those might be to experience the disease/affliction to its fullest. If Reiki energy is unable to help your disease, it will go where it is most needed (pain, sleep, emotions, etc.).

I’m reminded of a cherished, forward thinking and upbeat older client of mine. He was diagnosed with cancer and refused chemo/radiation. He went with several alternative healing therapies instead.  He repeatedly stated how much better he felt/slept after our Reiki sessions. He did pass away from his disease even though he firmly beleived it wasn’t going to get the better of him.

Once I had a taste of Reiki and saw what it did for me, I couldn’t imagine not knowing more. My thought was if I could take away one person’s pain, even for five minutes, then I would consider myself a HUGE success. I took all my levels of training through Susie and apprenticed under her to get my Mastery degree. In truth, I’m still learning from her.

Once I had my Mastery degree I thought, “What am I going to do with this?” I still hadn’t found a second career and being self-employed scared the heck out of me. But all roads seemed to point to me opening up my own business, so I did. Knocking knees and all.

Let’s talk a bit about what Reiki can do.  If Reiki works by unblocking or moving stagnant energy, then there really is no limit to what it can do or whom it can help. Yes, even if you don’t believe in energy work or are Athiest, Reiki will still help. I’ll list a few diseases, but this is absolutely not inclusive as again, Reiki can help with ANY affliction. High blood pressure, anxiety, stress, diabetes, PMS, infertility, chemotherapy, cancer, broken bones, migraines, back pain, sleep dysfunction, anger issues, depression, fibromyalgia, etc.

Reiki works on plants, animals (dogs and horses LOVE it! Cats love it too, but it has to be on THEIR terms) as well as unborn babies. I love, LOVE working on pregnant women and I loved doing my Work when I was pregnant.

Reiki is innate, meaning, we ALL know how to give Reiki. For instance, when you have a stomachache, what do you do? You rub your tummy. Headache? You put your head in your hands. If a child has an owie you kiss it or rub it.  How about when someone is sad? You may hug them or hold their hand. Yes, I bet you’ve been working with people’s energy since fresh out of the womb. What I do as a Reiki teacher is to reconnect you with that ability and show you how to be more proficient delivering it. Well, that and I add in some fun tricks, too.

Reiki can never cause harm. I’ll say it again. Reiki can NEVER cause harm. Not to anything. Ever. Reiki simply will not work if your intent is to inflict pain upon someone.  To my knowledge, Reiki is the only energy work that can say this.

What does Reiki feel like? Some say they feel tingling or warmth. Others say they feel completely calm. Still others say they’ve never felt so energized. All in all, I’ve been repeatedly told my clients feel relaxed, calmed and in need of a nap. 😉  Unless, of course, you’re that one person who is so completely energized you bounce out of my office. But for the most part, deep relaxation rules the roost in Reiki.

Are there any side effects from receiving Reiki? Well sure! Reiki is a powerful detoxing agent and when you receive Reiki energy, it works with your emotional, physical and spiritual body.  It stirs up stuff that is ready to be released. Usually these are run of the mill symptoms like a headache, stomach upset or intestinal distress.  I find if you drink more water (preferably with an organic lemon slice or two), your symptoms are less noticeable. Most people don’t experience anything even remotely unpleasant. It all depends on what you’re being seen for and where you are as a whole.

Speaking of being seen, how often SHOULD you go to a practitioner? We are bombarded with negative energy every day (every minute sometimes) and that can sap us. I tell my clients if they are coming to me for a chronic illness, then they’ll usually need more than one session in order to alleviate or eliminate the problem. I mean, if you’ve lived with anxiety for 30 years, it might be a tish unrealistic to think one hour long session is going to be the cat’s meow.  It could – again, I’ve seen so many miracles – but for the most part, a grouping of treatments would be needed.

If you’re feeling good and just want what I call a ‘tune up’, then see your Reiki practitioner once a month, once every six months or once a year. You decide.

I’ve much more to tell but will continue in another (ANOTHER!?!) blog

Reiki (part I)

You’ve heard me yammer on and on about Reiki but I haven’t told you what Reiki is. Here’s two or three blogs dedicated to that subject. Reiki is a 2500-year-old Japanese technique for reducing stress and promoting healing. In a nutshell, Reiki is energy. That’s my spiel for those that ask but Reiki is just so much more than this.

I was led to Reiki back in the early 2000’s. I had developed a physical affliction that the medical community said the only option was surgery. If I had the surgery, I wouldn’t be able to have children. Dum de dum dum DUM! Nope. No can do. No siree bob. The no meister. No thank you sir. And, no drill sergeant, I do not want another.

I was faced with a disease that was one stage away from cancer. Oddly, that wasn’t what scared me. What scared me was the fact that if I had this surgery, I would never be able to have children.  Even now, I’m wondering why I didn’t freak out about what could have been.

As you can imagine, I had a complete meltdown. I turned to Charmaine who said, “Why don’t you try Reiki? Susie does that. Check with her.”

At the time I didn’t know what Reiki was but I was familiar with Susie’s Work as I was a client of hers.  I knew she was an amazing Intuitive but I didn’t know squat about energy work.

Susie invited me to receive a Group Healing. A Group Healing is where any number of Reiki practitioners get together to work on a particular person(s).  These practitioners can be anywhere in their Reiki training; level 1 through Mastery degree. I had one Group Healing and it was powerful and profound.  If you can imagine how it felt to have all these women coming together just to help me, well, it was humbling to say the least.

After the first session, I knew I needed one more Healing. I just knew it. I wasn’t the Intuitive I am today, but I was starting on my spiritual journey and I knew one more session was all I would need.

I assimilated all of that energy and in a month’s time and I went back for another Group Healing. This Healing was so completely different. It was some of the same women who worked on me previously, but some different ones as well.  The energy I received was so powerful, I was moved to tears several times during and after the session. My body was tingling and I felt like I was floating. I couldn’t concentrate and my head felt fuzzy even though I was aware of everything that was going on.

After that session I knew, I KNEW my condition was gone and that surgery was no longer needed. I returned to my medical doctor and she confirmed what I knew, however she was puzzled as to how my condition, in the stage it was, had gone away. I don’t think I told her it was energy work. Nor did I tell her I was working extremely hard to bury the negative self-worth/self esteem issues I was left with after the death of my marriage. (See my “Abuse” blog for more information on this.)

Now, before all of you start thinking Reiki is a cure-all and was 100% responsible for my miracle, there is more to the story. Ah HAH! You see I believe the mind is a powerful tool. It can make us believe we are sick, healthy, beautiful, ugly, skinny or fat. It can make us believe what our abusers tell us, whether that abuser is an outsider or ourselves. It can make us believe we are destined for failure and don’t deserve love. It can also make us believe we are worthy and loveable. The mind is unbelievably powerful.

Whatever you repeatedly tell yourself is what’s going to stick. Just like when we tell ourselves we are ugly…the mind believes that.  Tell yourself you’re beautiful and the mind will believe that, too. It may take some practice to sway your old way of thinking, but it DOES work.

Anyway, I digress. I did write the blog entitled “George” that talks a little bit about this, but I may blog about this in depth another day. It’s obviously something that is near and dear to my heart. So many blog ideas, so little time. 🙂

For me, I knew my disease had developed because I thought about myself in a horrible way. I had just left an abusive marriage where my self-esteem/self-worth and personal power had been flushed down the old crapper.  I knew, on some level, I needed to believe and empower myself once again.

I started to rebuild, mentally, emotionally and physically. I created a mantra that I silently said over and over whenever and wherever (it was, “I am healthy, happy and whole”). I started to believe in myself once again and I believed my physical condition was gone.

In about three months time, after two Group Healings and me excising some emotional demons, I returned to my doctor’s office convinced I was completely cured. I obviously wasn’t completely convinced because I still wanted the confirmation of the medical community.

So while Reiki played a huge part in my Healing, I was – my MIND – was also responsible for the Healing that occurred.

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Man, I don’t know what’s going on lately, but I have reverted back to being over-the-top impatient. I’m not impatient on everything, just stuff that I think should have happened by now. Here’s why I think impatience happens; I think we become impatient because we’ve glimpsed something we desire very much but it has yet to manifest on the earthly plane. It’s as if we can remember everything about it (whatever ‘it’ is for you) and all of the emotions associated with it, but we don’t physically see it. And this is something we really, really pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top WANT!

I put impatience behind me back in the early 2000’s.  I mean, I’m the one, if you’ll remember, that had to wait like FOREVER for the stars to align so I could bring our daughter into this world (and that’s just one example). You can read (re-read?) my blog on “Control” if you need a refresher. I don’t like being impatient. Nothing good comes from it. So why now? What’s going on?

I had a client the other day who said, “If it can go wrong, it will. The last couple of months my world has gone to shit. I feel overwhelmed, frustrated and very chaotic.” Now this is a woman who is very glass half full, full of life and optimistic. To hear her say this (and have her thoughts intuitively validated while she was in session), well, that got me thinking. This is kind of what my life, and my husbands, has felt like for the last couple of months. I’m hearing similar stories from other clients, too. Hummm. Putting one and one together here (no small feat as I abhor math!).

This stuff from the last couple of months has GOT to be energetic. It’s just happening to too many of us. It’s frustrating, especially when impatience just isn’t who I am anymore.

Oh HO ladies and gentlemen! Surprise!! It seems this blog is to have a guest appearance. I’m being asked by my Guys to channel some information directly to the masses. Oh man. I didn’t see that coming when I started this blog. Well, who’s up for some words straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak?  Here you go. Public, meet my Guys. Guys…oh never mind. You already know the public. Hey! For the cool factor, see if you can ‘feel’ how the energy is different from my writing style to Theirs.

“Little Ones. We do not wish to cause you harm or timidity.  (Melissa’s note: The Guys like to use bigger words than I can get my Norwegian/German/Mutt brain around.)  We are expressing great sorrow at how this latest miscalculation on our part is affecting your sweet souls. We were not given a rule book as some may think. We are making this up, or as you humans say, ‘Flying by the seat of our pants’ as we go. We have skill doing this so do not dismay. You are all in safe hands (if we had hands).  (Melissa’s Note: They usually do not joke, so I must have tapped into a little bit of their funny bone.)

You ask, Dear One, on behalf of those you tirelessly aid, “How much MORE!?” Will you be angry with us if we use the old saying, “Two weeks”? (Melissa’s Note: GRRRRR!  Yes!  Angry! Stupid ‘two weeks.’ I know all about those two little words! It means that this part of the energetic shift will be over in two weeks BUT that doesn’t mean things will get better. OOOOH NOOOO! It means a new energetic phase – for better or worse – will begin.  ‘Two weeks’ is also a loving joke between the Guys and me due to my, uh, constant questioning in my younger years). We love that you get our joke, Little One. You are such a delight. (Melissa’s Note: Guys, puhleease! I’m blushing here! Ok, I’m really not.)

We will continue, if only briefly, for we have the masses to attend to. You ask, in earnest, when this portion will be finished. We tell you we truly do not know. There seems to be some clearing, if you will, in a few short weeks, possibly around the end of your month of March. We see that your calendar date of April first will usher in new, fresh energy once again. You can look for the stars to align and the grass to grow and all to fall into perfect rhythm once again. We will not disappoint, in fact, we will dazzle. (Melissa’s Note: I’m being shown a night sky with shooting stars. Meteor shower, maybe?)

We will leave you now but are thoroughly glad you allowed us in, Little One. Be patient and you will see the wisdom of our words.  All will return with the onset of the spring rains. There will be a ‘rebirth’ of sorts.  All that is old and outdated will fall in the gutter. But do not dismay, these old thoughts or feelings will be replaced with shiny new ones. Ones that all of you will polish and keep clean and treasure unlike anything you have treasured before. It is our gift to you. Watch and see how it transpires in your life. We are most anxious to see you smile and for you to raise your heads to Heaven in joy and wonderment. For far too long your heads have been bent toward the earth. Be well. All is well. Be at peace for that is what you shall have. Peace. Wonderment. Joy. We promise this.”

Ok……uhhh…”we PROMISE this” is not Their usual wording especially when this blog has the potential to reach hundreds, if not thousands of people. So, will hundreds or thousands of people find peace, wonderment and joy? I don’t know, but They said it and I trust Them explicitly.


I recently had a client who was not from this world. Literally. She was not from planet Earth. I’m not talking about her physical body. I’m talking about her soul.

It’s not the first time I’ve encountered a ‘Superior Being’ (my terminology) in my line of Work, but they are a rarity and beautiful to work on.

Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis? Ahhh…  I’m so glad you asked! Let me enlighten (pun intended!) you.  First though, I didn’t get permission to tell her story. In truth, I didn’t ask. Out of respect for her, I’ll keep this as generic as I can. Her story will resonate with only a few of you.

Her intuitive Reiki session began as any other session does. There wasn’t anything different or out of the ordinary. This is where it changes (hear a record being scratched).

I was suddenly struck with the knowledge that she is literally not of this world. I instantly felt humbled to be in this Superior Being’s presence.  Yeah, yeah…physically she’s a female trying to find her way, not unlike the rest of us.  She has her physical and emotional struggles just like us. For all practical purposes, she’s human. But here’s where she differs from (most of) you and me.

She comes from a place so advanced that if needed answers, you mentally asked your supercomputer brain. I kept hearing, “It’s just energy. It’s just energy.” Meaning this Being came from a place where it was all energy. No physical forms, no houses, no money, no cancer. Just energy. Colors moving and flowing and pulsing.  A place where you could seamlessly meld with other energies and access an amalgamation of knowledge.

She’s highly intelligent. School was boring and rather limited. In truth, she maybe could have skipped a grade or two. Again, she is human with human struggles, sorrows and fears. But on top of all of that, she’s also here to solely (souly?) help mankind.  She has a huge desire to help people.  Let me tell you, ‘helping people’ is what she’s here to do. It’s WHY she came to Earth. It’s programmed into her DNA.

Her metabolism is amazing. Meaning she could eat a bagel for breakfast and still feel sustained and nourished for the rest of the day. Where she comes from, you don’t eat. You don’t need to.

So imagine this Being deciding to come to planet Earth to help Heal the planet and those that inhabit it. She doesn’t understand our mannerisms or speech or non-verbal cues. It would be as if she spoke French and landed in an English speaking culture. She had to learn our language, our culture, why some of us do what we do and others don’t.  Learning comes easily to her but she had to do all of this while still trying to figure out how to navigate in a restrictive, physical body.

Let’s roll play (oh goody!). Imagine you’re a guest in another country. It’s still foreign to you, but you’ve been there long enough to feel comfortable. You struggle with feelings of not fitting in. You struggle because it feels like nobody ‘sees’ you. Can you imagine? Firstly, there are not many of ‘your kind’ on Earth, let alone on one continent. Secondly, the odds of finding someone who really recognizes you is minimal. You still long for the unconditional energy you were at Home.

Working on someone who has selflessly and willingly chosen to leave her Home and incarnate on a planet that is filled with murder, hostility and ego is nothing short of amazing. There’s not a lot of these souls who choose to incarnate here. Would you? Would you say, ‘Ok, I don’t speak the language and I’m going to be tethered to a human body that is cumbersome and needs to eat and has strong emotions. Then my supercomputer brain is going to have to work within the constraints of my mostly undeveloped human brain and oh yeah, I’ve got to figure out how to fit in somehow while I’m trying to figure out how to help the world.’

Leaving a place that doesn’t have wars or murder or even death for a place that does sounds like a fool’s game. Not for these Beings. They have such a strong desire to help that they’ll take the odds.

It is truly a gift and a thing of beauty to be able to give something back to these selfless Beings. Namaste, Superior Being.  I see you.