Reiki (part II)

In my last blog, “Reiki (part I)” I was telling you about how I was led (yes, led…you’ll see why I chose that word later) to Reiki.  I was telling you that while you may think Reiki is a cure-all to end all cure-alls based on my own personal Reiki miracle experience, there is so much more that goes into your Healing.

Let me be crystal clear; Reiki is NOT a cure-all but I have seen so many miracles that defy the odds. Again, Reiki is energy work. Reiki goes by a Divine Power (whatever you chose to call that Power) to where it is most needed. So if you go to a Reiki practitioner for a migraine, you may notice your knee feeling better but you still have the headache. You may seek out a treatment to sleep better and then find old achy emotional wounds have been dredged up so you can heal them.   Reiki goes where it needs to go. It isn’t up to the practitioner to control …that all happens at the hands of God (the Universe, Higher Power, whatever your terminology is).

I’d like to also say that I believe if you are meant to die from or have a disease, there is nothing Eastern or Western medicine can do to change that. Even if you have a powerful mind and believe you’ll completely heal, that may not change the cards you were dealt. Sometimes, we are meant to learn life lessons and one of those might be to experience the disease/affliction to its fullest. If Reiki energy is unable to help your disease, it will go where it is most needed (pain, sleep, emotions, etc.).

I’m reminded of a cherished, forward thinking and upbeat older client of mine. He was diagnosed with cancer and refused chemo/radiation. He went with several alternative healing therapies instead.  He repeatedly stated how much better he felt/slept after our Reiki sessions. He did pass away from his disease even though he firmly beleived it wasn’t going to get the better of him.

Once I had a taste of Reiki and saw what it did for me, I couldn’t imagine not knowing more. My thought was if I could take away one person’s pain, even for five minutes, then I would consider myself a HUGE success. I took all my levels of training through Susie and apprenticed under her to get my Mastery degree. In truth, I’m still learning from her.

Once I had my Mastery degree I thought, “What am I going to do with this?” I still hadn’t found a second career and being self-employed scared the heck out of me. But all roads seemed to point to me opening up my own business, so I did. Knocking knees and all.

Let’s talk a bit about what Reiki can do.  If Reiki works by unblocking or moving stagnant energy, then there really is no limit to what it can do or whom it can help. Yes, even if you don’t believe in energy work or are Athiest, Reiki will still help. I’ll list a few diseases, but this is absolutely not inclusive as again, Reiki can help with ANY affliction. High blood pressure, anxiety, stress, diabetes, PMS, infertility, chemotherapy, cancer, broken bones, migraines, back pain, sleep dysfunction, anger issues, depression, fibromyalgia, etc.

Reiki works on plants, animals (dogs and horses LOVE it! Cats love it too, but it has to be on THEIR terms) as well as unborn babies. I love, LOVE working on pregnant women and I loved doing my Work when I was pregnant.

Reiki is innate, meaning, we ALL know how to give Reiki. For instance, when you have a stomachache, what do you do? You rub your tummy. Headache? You put your head in your hands. If a child has an owie you kiss it or rub it.  How about when someone is sad? You may hug them or hold their hand. Yes, I bet you’ve been working with people’s energy since fresh out of the womb. What I do as a Reiki teacher is to reconnect you with that ability and show you how to be more proficient delivering it. Well, that and I add in some fun tricks, too.

Reiki can never cause harm. I’ll say it again. Reiki can NEVER cause harm. Not to anything. Ever. Reiki simply will not work if your intent is to inflict pain upon someone.  To my knowledge, Reiki is the only energy work that can say this.

What does Reiki feel like? Some say they feel tingling or warmth. Others say they feel completely calm. Still others say they’ve never felt so energized. All in all, I’ve been repeatedly told my clients feel relaxed, calmed and in need of a nap. 😉  Unless, of course, you’re that one person who is so completely energized you bounce out of my office. But for the most part, deep relaxation rules the roost in Reiki.

Are there any side effects from receiving Reiki? Well sure! Reiki is a powerful detoxing agent and when you receive Reiki energy, it works with your emotional, physical and spiritual body.  It stirs up stuff that is ready to be released. Usually these are run of the mill symptoms like a headache, stomach upset or intestinal distress.  I find if you drink more water (preferably with an organic lemon slice or two), your symptoms are less noticeable. Most people don’t experience anything even remotely unpleasant. It all depends on what you’re being seen for and where you are as a whole.

Speaking of being seen, how often SHOULD you go to a practitioner? We are bombarded with negative energy every day (every minute sometimes) and that can sap us. I tell my clients if they are coming to me for a chronic illness, then they’ll usually need more than one session in order to alleviate or eliminate the problem. I mean, if you’ve lived with anxiety for 30 years, it might be a tish unrealistic to think one hour long session is going to be the cat’s meow.  It could – again, I’ve seen so many miracles – but for the most part, a grouping of treatments would be needed.

If you’re feeling good and just want what I call a ‘tune up’, then see your Reiki practitioner once a month, once every six months or once a year. You decide.

I’ve much more to tell but will continue in another (ANOTHER!?!) blog

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