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Melissa Schaff, Intuitive, Reiki Master Practitioner and Author

I strive to empower, inspire and enlighten. If you’ve ever had a session from me, you know those three words are woven into the very fabric that makes me, me. I walk the walk and talk (and talk and talk…) the uhhhhh talk. How do I do this? A couple of ways. Firstly, my bread and butter is offering Intuitive Reiki sessions which include channeled messages from Angels, deceased loved ones and even pets.

What’s Reiki? Click on the highlighted word and read allll about it or, in a nutshell, it’s a 2,500-year-old Asian technique for reducing stress and promoting healing. It’s not voodoo or hocus pocus; it’s just energy work. As my bonus son says, “Don’t hate; educate!”

Let’s talk more about channeled messages. What’s that? It’s just a fancy term to describe hearing messages from your Guardian Angels, Ascended Beings or maybe even deceased loved ones (including your fur babies). I never really know who’s going to be coming to the energetic party. I just know their messages encourage, validate and often times, soothe. Everything they say, EVERYTHING is aimed at helping you grow and heal on some level. Nothing is random.

You want to know a little bit about me? Sure! Prior to starting IFR in 2006, I was in banking. Yep, that’s right. Analytical/logical/black and white banking.  I started my career when I was 17, fresh IN high school. I just kept on keeping on until my position was eliminated 21 years later.

I found Reiki through a physical disease of my own. When my medical condition was ‘cured’, I decided there might really be something to this energy stuff.  I remember thinking if I could take away the pain from one person (at the time my thoughts turned to my dad, even though his cancer diagnosis was still years away), then I would consider myself a huge success.

With the help of my intuitive and mediumship abilities, along with the unconditionally loving energy from Reiki, I’ve been helping heal the (physical, emotional and spiritual) hurts of my clients ever since.


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