What’s Reiki?

What’s Ray-Key? In a nutshell, it’s a 2,500-year-old Asian healing technique for reducing stress and promoting healing. It’s not voodoo or hocus pocus; it’s just energy work.

Who I am

Melissa Schaff Intuitive, Reiki Master, Medium, Empath, and Bestselling Author

Prior to starting IFR in 2006, I was in banking. Yep, that’s right. Analytical, by-the-book banking.  I started my career when I was seventeen, and kept going until my position was eliminated twenty-one years later.

I found Reiki through a physical disease of my own. When my medical doctor announced incredulously that my condition had vanished, I decided there might really be something to this energy stuff.

I remember thinking that if I could take the pain away from one person, then I would consider myself a huge success.

Over seventeen years later, with the help of guardian angels, out-of-body souls, my intuitive and empathic abilities, as well as the pure energy of Reiki, I’ve been passionately and authentically helping heal the (physical, emotional, and spiritual) hurts of all who find me.

What I Do

Reiki with Intuitive Messages

I combine my validating intuitive gifts with the healing power of Reiki to create a one-of-a-kind hybrid service that truly packs a powerful healing punch.

Not only are these sessions unique, they are also enlightening, inspiring and empowering. In addition, they are infused with unconditional love in a judgement-free zone.

Everyone who experiences Reiki benefits. Girl Scout’s honor.

Here’s the Full Meal Deal

Let’s heal something together.