My Services

Well! Here they are; short and sweet. You see, I know my strengths and these offerings play right to them. #Pure

Intuitive Reiki Sessions

These right here? These are my bread and butter – my specialty – and over the past seventeen years, I’ve helped hundreds of people heal.

These life-changing sessions are hybrids; a true rarity.

By combining my intuitive gifts with Reiki, these restorative and highly informative sessions are infused with love and pack a powerful healing punch.

To begin, I deliver validating intuitive information from your Guardian Angels, Ascended Beings, or yes, even deceased loved ones. While I don’t tout myself as a Medium, I regularly have departed souls join us. Regardless who’s there, the empowering, validating messages are meant for your spiritual growth and healing. 

Then, the second half consists of me – and my astral friends – continuing to quietly deliver pure, potent energy while you meditate, nap or just rest your eyes. The result? A deep sense of peace and calm.

Can’t make it for an in-person Intuitive Reiki session? Then let’s chat on our cells! This is a wonderful alternative to a hands-on session and provides (almost) all of the feel goods without any of the drive time. 

Everyone benefits from Reiki; some physically, while others mentally, or spiritually. And don’t let the pricing stop you; for most it’s one and done.

30 minute session – $250

60 minute session – $500

90 minute session – $750

Partner, Group or Corporate Sessions

Are you looking for something empowering and inspiring to do with your love, workmates or besties? Maybe you want to get to know them on an entirely new (spiritual) level or maybe you’re intimated by a one-on-one Intuitive Reiki session but would feel more comfortable surrounded by a friend (or two or four), coworkers or simply your best guy/girl?

Let me tell you how this works. You’ll get a brief overview of the history of Usui Reiki, what I can/can’t do with my intuitive gifts and how the Guardian Angels, Ascended Beings or deceased loved ones deliver their messages.

Then it’s approximately 10 to 20 minutes (depending on the number of attendees) of Reiki and validating channeled messages. What gets better than that? How about everything I relay will benefit all? I’m saying! Bonding on a whole new level.

Whether you are a small business owner looking to enhance your team’s unity, spouses struggling to stay together, or parent/child wanting to understand each other better, this will be an unique, worthy experience.

Up to 4 people – 60 minute session – $500

5 to 6 people – 90 minute session – $750

Let’s heal something together.