What’s Reiki?

Simply put, it’s a 2500-year-old Japanese energy technique for reducing stress and promoting healing. But it’s so much more.

Reiki is pure, unconditional love.

Where does the energy come from? I believe Reiki comes directly from God, but you insert whatever terminology you’re comfortable with.  Reiki passes through the practitioner (conduit) and into the receiver. In its infinite beauty, the practitioner receives a little sliver of the healing energy too, which allows them to never feel depleted.

What does Reiki do?  Reiki works by unblocking and/or moving stagnant energy.  There really is no limit as to what it can do or who it can help. For instance, it can help with the very young or the very old. It can help with high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, diabetes, PMS, infertility, chemotherapy, cancer, broken bones, surgery recovery, migraines, back pain, sleep dysfunction, emotional issues, depression, fibromyalgia, etc. Reiki is nondiscriminatory. Regardless of your illness, age, belief, or size, it will help.

Is Reiki a cure-all? Nope. No way. With that said, I’ve seen many healing miracles, myself being one of them. Reiki treats the whole person: physical, emotional and spiritual, and the energy innately goes where it’s most needed. Reiki can make even the harshest of diseases more manageable.

Who does Reiki work on? Humans, animals, nature.  Some people use it to keep their car running smoothly or to help purify their drinking water. Others use it on family pets and to help their garden grow. Yes, really!

Reiki can never cause harm.

Not to anything. Ever. To my knowledge, Reiki is the only energy work that can make this statement.

How is Reiki administered? A couple of ways. The first is a hands-on (or in-person) session where the fully-clothed recipient lies on a massage table or sits in a chair. The practitioner either hovers their hands above or places them lightly upon the person.

The second method, Long Distance Healing, is where the energy is sent to the recipient. Energy can be sent three inches or 3,000 miles. When the recipient “downloads” or retrieves the energy, they often feel the same things as with a hands-on session. They are a great alternative if you can’t make it to the practitioner. And yes, they really do work.

What does getting Reiki feel like? Some say they feel like there is a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around them. Others report tingling, warmth, and a deep sense of peace. Still others say they’ve never felt so energized. For most people, serenity rules the Reiki roost.

How often should I get Reiki? We are bombarded with negative energy every day (every minute sometimes) and that can sap us. I tell my clients that if they are coming to me for a chronic, life-long illness, then they may need more than one session.

If, however, you’re feeling good and just want a “tune up,” then see your Reiki practitioner once a month, once every six months, or once a year. You decide.

What do I need to do after a session? Drink a ton of water and don’t push yourself. Give yourself permission to rest if you feel tired. The laundry can wait.

Are there any side effects from receiving Reiki? Well sure! Reiki is a powerful detoxing agent and when you receive Reiki energy, it works with your emotional, physical and spiritual body.  It stirs up stuff (toxins) that are ready to be released. Usually they are run of the mill mild symptoms like a headache, stomach upset or intestinal distress. Most people don’t experience anything even remotely unpleasant. It all depends on what you’re being seen for and where you are spiritually.

Can I perform Reiki on myself? You bet your sweet patookie you can! Reiki is instinctual. We were born knowing how to do this. For instance, when you have a stomachache, what do you do? You rub or hold your tummy. Headache? You put your head in your hands. If a child has an owie you kiss or rub it. How about when someone is sad? You may hug them, rub their back, or hold their hand. Yes, I bet you’ve been working with people’s energy since birth, and didn’t even know it.

Try placing your hands comfortably upon your body the next time you are feeling less than stellar. Then, mentally ask for the Reiki energy to begin, and get out of your own way. It’ll work. Trust me. And no, you can’t do it wrong.

Well, if I can perform Reiki on myself, why would I need to see a practitioner? As I said before, millions of humans go about their daily lives practicing Reiki and don’t even know it. And that’s sheer perfection. But a fully trained Reiki practitioner who practices the Art almost daily, will have an energetic “power” level of a 1,000 to 10,000 watt light bulb. By comparison, the average, untrained Jo/Joe may have a 25 watt energetic “power.” With that said, it’s my belief that any Reiki is better than no Reiki! #Truth

Do you teach Reiki? Not any more. While I adored teaching, I was pulled in too many other directions so in 2018, I taught my last class.

Let’s heal something together.