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“Now this is how Bryan would celebrate!” read Jamie’s upbeat text sent just hours after leaving my office. It was quite the change from her emotional session. When Jamie scheduled her appointment, she was suffering from guilt over things she felt she shoulda/woulda/coulda done, but didn’t. She asked me to see if a recently departed…


This is an excerpt of my August 8, 2018 journal. I was trying to meditate, but the Guys wanted to chat. I’d forgotten about this conversation until my computer glitched and stopped on the entry. Uh huh. No coincidences. Reading it now, two-and-a-half years later, has left me shocked and in awe. I hope whomever needs…


“Tell me about the color red,” Laura, my holistic counselor asked on behalf of my guardian angels.  “What? Red? Man, I just don’t know,” I replied. “I know it’s the color of our root chakra and I know I don’t really like it all that much.”  Pausing, I let my mind search, and then laughed,…


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Melissa Schaff

Intuitive, Reiki Master, Empath, and Bestselling Author of One Plus One Makes THREE

After leaving a twenty-one-year highly analytical banking career, I discovered my intuitive abilities, along with the healing power of Reiki through a physical disease of my own.

I’m a native of conservative Minot, Nor’ Dakota, and it wasn’t until I finally “came out” of the spiritual closet to my surprisingly accepting father that I ditched the fear (mostly), followed my passion (totally), and opened Inner Focus Reiki, where I empower, enlighten, and inspire all who find me.

I’m also a blog writer-turned author. If you enjoy my blogs, you’ll love my bestselling memoir/novel, One Plus One Makes Three.

I write the way I speak, a rarity I’m told, and with authenticity (and sometimes swear words) about my experiences with intuition, angels, a sassy pants tiny human, and my overly stubborn husband.

“Sassy, classy, and a bit bad ass-y” is how I describe myself in this short, easy-to-read article written by On The Minds Of Moms.

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