I recently had a client who was not from this world. Literally. She was not from planet Earth. I’m not talking about her physical body. I’m talking about her soul.

It’s not the first time I’ve encountered a ‘Superior Being’ (my terminology) in my line of Work, but they are a rarity and beautiful to work on.

Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis? Ahhh…  I’m so glad you asked! Let me enlighten (pun intended!) you.  First though, I didn’t get permission to tell her story. In truth, I didn’t ask. Out of respect for her, I’ll keep this as generic as I can. Her story will resonate with only a few of you.

Her intuitive Reiki session began as any other session does. There wasn’t anything different or out of the ordinary. This is where it changes (hear a record being scratched).

I was suddenly struck with the knowledge that she is literally not of this world. I instantly felt humbled to be in this Superior Being’s presence.  Yeah, yeah…physically she’s a female trying to find her way, not unlike the rest of us.  She has her physical and emotional struggles just like us. For all practical purposes, she’s human. But here’s where she differs from (most of) you and me.

She comes from a place so advanced that if needed answers, you mentally asked your supercomputer brain. I kept hearing, “It’s just energy. It’s just energy.” Meaning this Being came from a place where it was all energy. No physical forms, no houses, no money, no cancer. Just energy. Colors moving and flowing and pulsing.  A place where you could seamlessly meld with other energies and access an amalgamation of knowledge.

She’s highly intelligent. School was boring and rather limited. In truth, she maybe could have skipped a grade or two. Again, she is human with human struggles, sorrows and fears. But on top of all of that, she’s also here to solely (souly?) help mankind.  She has a huge desire to help people.  Let me tell you, ‘helping people’ is what she’s here to do. It’s WHY she came to Earth. It’s programmed into her DNA.

Her metabolism is amazing. Meaning she could eat a bagel for breakfast and still feel sustained and nourished for the rest of the day. Where she comes from, you don’t eat. You don’t need to.

So imagine this Being deciding to come to planet Earth to help Heal the planet and those that inhabit it. She doesn’t understand our mannerisms or speech or non-verbal cues. It would be as if she spoke French and landed in an English speaking culture. She had to learn our language, our culture, why some of us do what we do and others don’t.  Learning comes easily to her but she had to do all of this while still trying to figure out how to navigate in a restrictive, physical body.

Let’s roll play (oh goody!). Imagine you’re a guest in another country. It’s still foreign to you, but you’ve been there long enough to feel comfortable. You struggle with feelings of not fitting in. You struggle because it feels like nobody ‘sees’ you. Can you imagine? Firstly, there are not many of ‘your kind’ on Earth, let alone on one continent. Secondly, the odds of finding someone who really recognizes you is minimal. You still long for the unconditional energy you were at Home.

Working on someone who has selflessly and willingly chosen to leave her Home and incarnate on a planet that is filled with murder, hostility and ego is nothing short of amazing. There’s not a lot of these souls who choose to incarnate here. Would you? Would you say, ‘Ok, I don’t speak the language and I’m going to be tethered to a human body that is cumbersome and needs to eat and has strong emotions. Then my supercomputer brain is going to have to work within the constraints of my mostly undeveloped human brain and oh yeah, I’ve got to figure out how to fit in somehow while I’m trying to figure out how to help the world.’

Leaving a place that doesn’t have wars or murder or even death for a place that does sounds like a fool’s game. Not for these Beings. They have such a strong desire to help that they’ll take the odds.

It is truly a gift and a thing of beauty to be able to give something back to these selfless Beings. Namaste, Superior Being.  I see you.

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