Channeled Message 11.28.16

“Dear ones. Some of you are feeling oh so enlightened while others feel like they are floundering in the darkness. We have news for you; it is all a matter of perception. That is not to say one is better than the other for they both have their value. It IS to say it is all how you view it.

Some of you moan and tell us your life is falling down around your ears. Others exalt in being free from the Old even though their life is in shambles. Interesting how perceptions can be, wouldn’t you agree?

This One (Melissa’s Note: Oh oh. What am I doing now!!?) has had degrees of perception changes and it has nourished her soul. She has chosen to take a hard look at what isn’t working in her life (her soul) and is choosing (operative word) to do something about it.  That is not to say she is happy about it. Oh no, we can most assuredly tell you she has done her fair share of carping, but she is a warrior and pushes through none the less.  Are you doing the same or are you bemoaning your plight?

We will offer you this; it is always darkest before the storm. Ahhhhh. We see we have caught some of you off guard with our rendition of the old saying. But it is true; it IS always darkest before the storm. Now what “the storm” means is wholly up to you. It can be a super storm that douses everyone that comes within a 50 mile radius or it could be an easy-breezy spring storm that is over as quickly as it began.

There is “big energy” in the atmosphere now. It is pushing for change. We have harped at you before about change. Some of you grow bored with our perseverance but your soul’s evolution is what we are concerned with, not your tactile ego.

What are you doing differently? Are you parting your hair differently? Wearing different glasses? Taking a different route to work? Yes, even something so seemingly easy can make all the difference in the world. Change; it must happen. It needs to happen. It is destined to happen.

We ask that you take a look at what is no longer working in your life. Are you stubbornly holding on to a value, thought or emotion that no longer serves you? If so, ask yourself why. We hear you say, “Because it is comfortable” but how does the Old become uncomfortable and the New become comfortable? Practice. Practice, practice, practice.

If you are unwilling to try, we will still stand beside you but your journey will become rockier. If you are willing to try, even the most imperceptible amount, then your journey becomes easier. If you feel you are lagging behind others, then we will wait for you to catch up. We just need that first step to come from you.

You are not alone. We tell you this 100 million times and yet some of you still believe you ARE alone. We tell you never, not once, not ever. Look to your brother, your sister, your aunts, uncles, friends, enemies. No one is alone. We are all connected and we are all evolving. None of us is free from the trials and tribulations that are happening right now in an effort to let go of the past. You are ALL experiencing some upheaval whether it be mild, moderate or severe. The important thing is that you keep moving. Stagnancy is paralyzing. It uses fear against you when the opposite is true.

Get moving. Keep moving. We will walk the path with you, ALL of you. Start the movement and then keep going, even if only by minuscule amounts.  Just move. MOVE!”

Channeled Message 9.24.15


“The time is upon us for great change. Some of you have felt it for months; others are just beginning to feel it. Regardless, it is a time for change.

We have been patient. We have been kind. We have wondered if you were going to make the leap, to go to the next level. Some of you will find this transition as easy as waking up in the morning. Others will not be so lucky.

Look at your neighbor, your cubicle mate, the person who serves your favorite beverage. Look at the street cleaners, the laborers, the President.  Look at the infants, the infirm and the outraged. Look at all of them. Look. At. Them.  They, too, will be going through this marvelous and magnificent Change. You are not alone in this and neither are they.

Some of you will breeze through this and give nary a thought as to what is going on. Others will fair far worse. It is to those that we wish to speak today.

Dear Ones, do not feel unenlightened for we tell you that you have all the answers locked in a safe place deep inside of you. If you are feeling restless, what is it that you need to let go of? What is it that you need to change? If you are feeling overly hostile, what is it that you covet? What is it that you think you don’t already have? Are you seeking inner peace (We think that is such an over rated term), are you seeking divine assistance? Well, then, you must be willing to change.

The World as you know it will cease to exist shortly after dark midnight. A great wind will blow away the stink and the stench and only that which is pure of heart will be left unblemished. You will feel the energy change; the air will feel lighter, more pure somehow, less dense. You will feel less encumbered, like it is easier for you to breathe. We promise ALL of you this.  But for those who are restless, agitated, tired, bored, resentful, we promise you MORE.

To those we promise the release of those hateful and hurtful energies if you will but just take the first step. You may have already done so but it has not materialized on the human plane yet. Just let go. It is as easy as that. Let go.

If you are holding tight to an outdated value or moral code, examine it. How does it fit in with this “new” world?  If you are stubbornly holding your ground, check to see if there is any ground left to hold. If you are angry or aggressive, understand that you are not alone but that these feelings cannot be tolerated where you are (eventually) going. They simply do not exist in this World (Angelic realm).

What is making you angry? Is it being held back? Then let go. Is it being malnourished (spiritually)? Then open up your heart for a feast. Is it being tired? Then know the rest and replenishment you seek is yours for the taking. But you HAVE TO LET GO.

clenched-fistSome of you grip so tightly to antiquated versions of yourself that we cannot understand why you do not see the beauty you are to become. You hold tightly to what you believe, but what if what you believe has all changed? We see we have startled some of you.  Yes, it is true. What you believe, your tenets, ethics, code, morality, may have all changed. Have you bothered to check in with yourself to see what truly matters? Have you bothered to take a ‘pulse check’? If you will, you may see that doing things by rote is making you uncomfortable.

Some of you are being called to do Higher things. This may make you moderately uncomfortable at first, but once you embrace the idea, things will feel as natural as the skin you inhabit.

This One (uhhh…me…oh man…what now…) has made many great changes in her life although they have been subliminal. She has taken a stand, she has used her voice and she has seen her value increase. She is not ego driven so do not mistake what she is doing for that, she is human driven. She longs to serve, to help, to aid. She longs to make a difference in just one life. She is not so different from most of you, correct? So follow her lead, her example. Her light shines brighter than ever now. She has overcome some outdated obstacles and feels freer.  What used to work for her no longer does and we are not just talking about all things spiritual. No, this has also been very physical for her.  It may be for you as well.

We are here. We love you all. Yes, each and every one of you makes a difference, DAILY, in someone’s lives. Embrace this change for if you do not, it may wreck you. We do not wish to appear dire, but we do have your spiritual well-being in the forefront of our mind.

What is not working for you? CHANGE IT!  For if you think we are full of folly, then you will see how miserable the next six months will be.  Walk with us as with us, the wind is blowing in the right direction.

We honor all of you. This change is not easy but it must be done. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. What does that mean? Each of you, individually, knows what your heart longs for. Take steps to obtain it.  We wish for you nothing else.  We love your souls.”


She’s been coming to see, off and on, for years. She is an artist, a painter, a writer, a photographer. She earns her living by marketing for a local non-profit. Our Intuitive Reiki sessions are often filled with whimsical colors that she often incorporates into her art.

I love our sessions; she is never demanding and always respectful. She is understanding of my limits and accepts that I don’t have all the answers. She recognizes the worth of Reiki and she delights in my “humanness.”  Our sessions have been nothing short of reverent.

She is, thankfully, the poster child for the norm in my Intuitive Reiki business. I’m writing about her, specifically, because of something that caused my jaw to drop to the floor. I could be writing about any of my clients as I’ve had these moments before. But this one? This one left me shaken in a crikey, Scoob! kind of way.

When she entered my office she said she felt like a bird in a cage. She wanted some direction as to what she should do next. As she was telling me this I heard the word, “book” so when she finished I told her just that. Her hazel eyes misted over, she smiled and her hand went to her upper chest. She said she SO wants to write a book. I tilted my head and smiled a little “well, there you go” smile.

Our session began like any other. As is often the case, the Guys love to pepper her sessions with some inanity. They recently told her not to walk away from an impulse buy or she would regret it. They tell her she’s taking life to seriously; she needs more laughter. They tell her to urge her daughter to reconsider how she’s wearing her hair in her wedding. Yes, seriously.

I chuckle at this stuff, but it’s no secret my angels deal with the spiritual so each one of these seemingly trivial things is designed for my client to grow/heal spiritually. My client gets that and doesn’t dismiss these lighter toned messages.

The energy changed to all business when I quit channeling and began delivering pure Reiki to the top of her head. I heard that this session wasn’t going to be as relaxing as her previous sessions; it would be more intense. I relayed this information to her and as is her usual, she accepted it with grace.

It’s not often anymore that I’m led to telepathically infuse the Reiki symbols during a session but this time I was. Sort of. I began with the first two symbols you learn in Reiki II and then I heard, “Mahalum.”  Whaaa? That’s not a Reiki symbol. What is THAT? Mahalo? Mahalum? I shrugged my shoulders, mentally cleared my mind and tried again. I repeated the two accepted healing symbols and when it was time for me intone the sequential third, I once again heard, “Mahalum.”

Well, what the WHAT?! Mahalum? What IS that? I had no idea but went with it. As is the standard, I repeated the name of the two symbols again and then “Mahalum” was again inserted.  I thought it was just so odd as you don’t muck with the Reiki symbols. Ever. I have great respect for these symbols as they are powerful little things. To just throw a “Mahalum” in there floored me.

After her session ended, I looked up Mahalum in my trusty 1986 dictionary. Hummm… Mahalum. Nope, nothing and that’s normally where I’d leave it. But something was “encouraging” me to look further. I typed, “Mahalum” into my search engine and nothing came up in the drop down box.

I left it at that and talked some more with my client but it was still bugging me. My client said it would come up for her somewhere in some unexpected way. She was fine with that but I picked up my phone again and entered, “Mahalum” and this time I pressed the magnifying glass (search) button and don’t you know, low and behold, there was information on this word. It was in Hindi so I had it translated to English and my eyes, which have spiritually seen so much, become as large as the eyes of an owl.

My jaw hit the floor. I looked at her and then back to the google search results. I read the answer again and then I looked up at her slightly shaking my head in disbelief. I managed to stammer a very unprofessional, “Holy SHIT! You are NOT going to believe this!” before my mouth fell open again. I was having so much trouble coming to grips with what I was reading.

While I was getting my freak out on, she calmly sat leaning forward in her chair and didn’t say a word. She knew I’d get there eventually and no worry crossed her face. She patiently gazed at me as she had a hundred times.

I stammered again, “You, uhhh, you are NOT going to believe this. Ok. Ok” as if I was talking myself into doing something. Yes, that was how astounded I was at what I was reading and how deeply my intuitive abilities sometimes flat out flabbergast me. I looked at her, took a deep breath and said, “Mahalum is Hindi for “to write.”



I was making our bed this morning when I glanced up and saw the most beautiful angel standing in the corner of our bedroom. He was very tall (7 or 8 feet), very handsome (understatement) and dressed in all black. He had dark, shoulder-length wavy hair and mesmerizing sapphire blue eyes. While I’m not in the habit of seeing angels in our bedroom, I really didn’t think much about it. Lately, strange shit has been happening both inside and outside of my work environment.

I did startle but rallied quickly and greeted him with a casual, “Oh, don’t-mind-me. I’m-just-making-our-bed” voice, “Hey dude! What’s up?”  He smiled a smile that had the ability to make me forget how to breathe but he didn’t answer.  I thought again of how breathtakingly, ethereally beautiful he was. I shrugged my shoulders, finished making the bed and left for work.

When I returned home, I changed clothes and as is my practice, I began walking to get my dolly from daycare. The same angel easily and quietly fell in step beside me before I got half way down the block.

I thought, “This is odd. What the hell is this angel …oh ohhh.” I instantly flashed back to when my dad was dying and the angel that came for him. That angel, equally as astonishingly beautiful was also dressed in black but he had jet black eyes (don’t freak out; Hollywood has demonized black eyes but they’re not to be feared!).

I snapped a terse, “Dude. What are you doing? Why are you here?!” And he calmly said, “I am here to protect you.”  I said, “Are you sure? The last time I saw your kind you took my dad Home.” He repeated, “I am here to protect you.”

My mind went to my husband. He, whom I love beyond what a mere word can convey, has been having some unexplained health concerns recently. He is a Gulf War veteran and the chemical warfare used by the other side was/is insidious. Many of those chemicals were designed to activate slowly in order to disable and debilitate our troops over the course of decades.

I had just told him, less than a week ago, that my spidey sense was tingling as there had been too many signs recently.  You see, I have been seeing threes everywhere again, in fact, just the other night I awoke at exactly 3:33. There are no coincidences and I’ve been trying to figure out what all these threes mean. Lawdy, I wish this spiritual stuff came with a manual.

You can understand my frame of mind when I said to the angel, “You’re not here for my husband, are you? I’ve been seeing threes everywhere for the last three months. Are you here for him?!”  Again he calmly said, “I am here to protect you.”

So, that was what…three (THREE again?!! Are you SHITTING ME?! Come ON!) times he stated he was here to protect me. And yet I still didn’t believe him. In fact, I was so freaked out, I called my husband while this angel walked beside me and told him about this whole exchange. I asked him to be extra careful. He said it sounded like I needed to be extra careful. Well, what the hell? Me? What?

During the walk, the angel’s body language was casual but his eyes were vigilant. He stayed outside while I retrieved my daughter and as we started walking again, I asked Ceta if she could see the angel next to me. She twisted her head both ways and said no. She asked how I could see the angel and I told her I didn’t know how I could. I described him to her as if that would somehow magically allow her to see him. She shook her head and said she didn’t see anything.

I then heard the angel say, “I love her.” I told Ceta that and before she could say anything, I heard him say, “I respect her. I admire her.” As I finished telling Ceta this she said, “How can you hear that, mommy? I didn’t hear anything.”  I told her I sometimes hear with my head, not with my ears.  She asked how I could do that and I told her I didn’t really know.

As we continued our walk home, the energy (mood) changed. The angel said again, “I am here to protect you.” He must have been answering a question I didn’t even know I’d asked but his response was REALLY starting to freak me out. I started having a very physical reaction, too. I could feel my breath and heart rate quicken as if I was preparing for a flight, fight or freeze scenario.

As my body was physically reacting to some unseen stimuli, I intuitively heard, “Cross the street.”  I didn’t, of course, as I didn’t see what the big dealio was and besides, I was waiting to cross at the crosswalk (safety girl!). A few steps later I heard, “Cross the street.” This time it was a little more forceful but I still didn’t cross the street. I was having an internal conversation with myself that went something like this: “I’ll cross the street when I am damn good and ready, like when I get to a walking path or a driveway.” I’m a teensy bit stubborn that way and besides, I STILL didn’t see any danger. But after my internal convo faded and I took a few more strides, I became very agitated and felt like I had just moved into a high alert status.

This time the telepathic voice commanded I cross the street. Boy howdy, you didn’t have to ask me twice (this time). Nope! I didn’t wait for my own human eyes to pick up the danger or for the upcoming crosswalk. I went all Jackie Chan and cut right through someone’s yard and then through someone else’s yard. By Jove, I got to the other side of the street and I did it by picking ‘em up and putting ‘em down, like right NOW.

During my “going rogue” episode, Ceta said, “Mommy. Mommy! What are you doing, mommy?!” I said, “I wish I knew, honey, but I have to cross the street NOW.”  This is so unlike me that Ceta said, “You shouldn’t do that mommy” which is her response when she senses an injustice. Lord help the child who’s not wearing a bike helmet while riding a bike if Ceta’s around. She is SO the Lawbreaker Police.

My heart rate settled as did my breath. I couldn’t visibly detect any harm coming from the other side of the street but then again, our physical vision IS very limited. On the new side of the street, I did stop for a lady backing out of her driveway as she didn’t see us. I thought that was kind of weird as if I had stayed on the other side of the street, this situation wouldn’t have happened. But maybe something else, something far worse, might have.

My black clad, black winged companion chaperoned Ceta and I until we returned home. Safely. Has the danger passed? I don’t know. Tonight, though, I’m arming our security system. I may be um, “challenging” (ahem!) but I’m not stupid. And the angel? I just spotted him folding his huge frame into the rocking chair that sits next to my baby girl’s bed. His demeanor says, “I got this, momma. Rest easy. I’ll be here all night keeping watch.”

And that gives me a sense of protection that no armed security system ever will.

Channeled Message 5.11.15

“Dear Ones. We speak to you today as a show of solidarity; unity. There has not been one step of the way in which we have not been with you. Yes, we honor your feelings of loneliness and being abandoned but that is not the way it truly is. Some of you feel left out in the cold; others feel like they are sitting next to a warm fire. How can that be? Different “career” paths.

This One (Melissa) is tired. We see the strain this energy surge is having on her. She doesn’t know whether she is coming or going and yet she tends to the masses as much as we can. We adore her for plodding forward even when she wants to curl up on her famed couch and have a good nap or cry or both. She is chiding us now for letting too much personal information about her escape; she is private, this One.  But we do so to let you all know that we see all and hear all. Some of you doubt that; doubt us. It is time to put that all behind you.

The time that we have spoken about is almost upon us. Even now the spring rains cleanse all that cannot adhere. How can you apply that to your own life? Watch as you release the grip you have on that which no longer serves you. Watch as the color you hold so tightly in your hand begins to run and fade with the rain. It is all an illusion. Your control, your power, your greed; it is all an illusion.

We have asked many of you to forsake the “old” ways and many of you have. However, there are still a few of you (100,000 or more) who continue to rigidly and stubbornly cling to that which needs to be changed.  It is those people we are reaching out for today. It is those people who will feel like a Mack truck has hit them IF THEY DO NOT CHANGE. We cannot be any clearer; the 11th hour is upon us all.

If you know someone who fiercely clings to the old ways, it is up to you to help them see the light. You must be able to assist them, in any way they need.  We are all one. So for you to help them, means you are helping yourself. If someone is struggling to let go an outdated emotion, help them see the beauty in the New. Help them overcome. Help them succeed. Help them become stronger for to do so only helps all of you.

There will be more winds to blow away what the rain has loosened. Let it blow. There may even been electric storms as well. Let it happen. There will be change. Let it happen. There will be love and there will be sorrow. Let it happen. Let it happen. Let it happen.

We leave you now knowing many millions of you are just as tired as this Little One who patiently transcribes our messages and houses our Beings. Know that redemption is coming, one day at a time, a rest and playful time that is well earned and will be well received.

Be at peace. You are many. You are strong. You are empowered. Help those who cannot help themselves for to do any less is to let your own self down. Know that “this” is almost over and that a new cycle will begin.  Where will you be? Prostrate and bent or cautiously curious? We hope you join the “cautiously curious” breed as that is of the New.

We leave you now knowing nothing is as it shall be and the universe is your pearl. God speed.”

Channeled Message 3.4.15

“So many of you have recently asked, “What the hell is wrong with everyone?” and we will take a moment to answer.  They are caught up in something that is not of their doing. They are in a vortex, if you will. A whirl wind. They feel tossed about and battered. Up is down and down is up. Black is white and white is black. Nothing is working for them anymore and yet, bless their hearts, they keep trying to make the old work.

Here is the crux of what we wish to discuss; the OLD does not exist anymore; it has vanished. Poof! Gone like the wind that blows in your region. It. Does. Not. Exist. Any. More.  So can you imagine the frustration, angst and anxiety of those who are still trying (and trying and trying) to utilize the old way of doing things?  The buttons are not there, the levers have disappeared and yet they still blindly grope and grapple for them.

We have urged several of you to let go of the old ways and yet you fiercely maintained your attachment to them. We ask; how is that working for you?  Good?  No, we think not. You feel lost, like you woke up in an entirely new world and you do not have your bearings yet.  You feel anxiety and restlessness. You feel desolation and hopelessness. You feel fear. You feel anger (Melissa’s Note: Oh MAN, do we feel anger!).

We hear you. More importantly, we see you. We see each and every one of you down on Earth trying to Become. We see your struggles and your pitfalls and your breaks. We hear you saying, “What the HELL is going ON!?!” and with this One’s help, we will tell you.

The Earth has shifted on its axis once again. We don’t mean literally, we mean figuratively. There is new energy coming in once again.  As is the case for several millennia, when there is new, the old does not want to leave.  And you humans make this so easy for the Old. You cling to old values, ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ways.

You cling to old habits, even though you have long outgrown them.  The childish tantrums, the unbridled rage, the “poor me” mentality, those are all of the Old. These need to go on their way. They need to be let loose; freed.  They do not and will not serve you any longer.

What will? Being open. Staying open.  New ideas, new values, new ethics, new tenants, and a new you. That will serve you best.

This One is asking us for black and white concepts. We will do so now. If you look before you leap, maybe it is time to leap before you look.  If you use harsh words in anger, maybe it is time to soften your tongue. If you are filled will fear, maybe it is time to find courage.

How do you know if we are talking to you? Simple. Have you been moody? Angry? Resentful? Chaotic? Have you experienced despair, loneliness and anxiety? Have you hurt those you love? Have you cast stones upon yourself? If so, then perhaps we ARE talking to you.  We smile at this because there is not one of you reading this, including our faithful servant (Melissa), that won’t benefit. Not one of you. Pretty enormous, right? That is how large the scope of this shift is.

We offer you this; be kind when you want to rage. Be thankful when you want to cast spite. Be humble. Be loyal. Be gentle.  Be loving. It sounds simple, but for several of you, this is not working.

We will leave you now knowing you are infinitely safe and protected. Be aware of your choices and know that YOU are in the driver’s seat.  We are merely passengers and as such, we are powerless to control the wheel, the speed or the direction you travel. Do not blame us if you are miserable; we have given you ample opportunity to prevail. You must do the work; we cannot.”   (Melissa’s Note: Gah gong.)

Channeled Message 6.20.14

Melissa’s Note: I’ve seen so much discord and physical injuries with my clients lately that I asked my Guys for a channeled message. I asked them if all this upheaval was due to Mercury being in retrograde or the upcoming Summer Solstice.  This is their response….

“You humans put too much emphasis on a certain day (i.e. Summer Solstice) when the reality is, the energy exchange has started weeks prior.  Have you not all felt it? Maybe it translates into unease for some of you. Maybe it shows itself as unrest or even fear. Maybe you are struggling with relationships or letting go of that which you know is no longer for your highest good. Whatever it is, the majority of you are feeling out of sorts or distended, if you will.

We offer you this: This energy blast will not last.  This One rolls her eyes as she transcribes this and perhaps she is wise to do so. She is no stranger to how we work and she knows that when we say something will not last, it could become worse before it becomes better. She is a veteran in the trenches and has seen her fair share of triage as well as bruises and bumps.

We wish to let you all know that YOU are making this more difficult than it really needs to be.  You are given options and sometimes you choose the easy route and sometimes you do not.

What is the ‘easy route’ you ask? It is simple.  Let go of all that is no longer serving a purpose (for your highest good). Time to declutter? Then do so. Time to weed out the weeds in your life? Then do so.  Time to cut dead weight? Then do so.  See? We tell you it is simple and yet you humans sometimes make mountains out of mole hills.

We do not understand why you languish at some of these changes. Have they not served you better in the long run? Have you not thanked the Powers That Be for allowing you to move forward and find greener pastures?  Have you not rewarded yourself for getting through the emotions and energies that seem to plague you?  Yes, YES! We see that you do! Time and time again, we see that you do.

And still some of you struggle to retain the Old. Yes, yes, we know it is ‘comfortable’ as this One is telling us. We see that patterns are hard to break but we offer you this; why did you choose to reincarnate? Why did you willingly and lovingly choose to return to a planet where there is so much dysfunction and abuse? We will tell you. It is because you CHOSE to do so. You CHOSE to return in order to work out issues, amend judgments and right wrongs that you were not able to do in past lives.

Everything, EVERYTHING that you are struggling with can be made easier if you will allow it to be so. We do not wish to sound trite, we wish to sound knowledgeable as that is our role in your lives. We are here to guide you and help you but ultimately, you make your own decisions. Right or wrong, you will live out the consequences of your actions.

Sometimes you will need to sit with your decisions and other times it will come naturally to you.  It is as it should be. You are guided by an inner compass, if you will, that you humans call “intuition.” For some of you, you have forgotten this innate gift, while others embrace it and hear its call.  Intuition is there to help you, to guide you, to show you and to help you heal. Ignore it at your own peril.

We offer you this; do not fear what you cannot see for it often turns out to be exactly what you need. We deal with your spiritual growth and we never steer you wrong. Ever. It is not in our DNA as you humans like to say.  It is our job and we take it very seriously. We are here to guide you and help you grow. How you perceive our help is up to you.

You are being asked to let go of all that does not serve you. That may mean ending relationships that are tired and worn, moving beyond taxing emotional burdens or embracing something new.  Whatever it means for you, do not fear it for it is not to be feared. It is to be embraced, rejoiced and enjoyed.

Are we speaking directly to you? You might think so, but this is something that is meant for the masses.  Globally.  There is no “right or wrong” as it is all just energy. How you deal with that energy is soulely (did you catch our play on words?) up to you.

We leave you now with gratitude.  You are strong and have an amazing sense of character.  Keep honing and refining and you will see the load lightening or shifting. Or you can choose to stay just as you are and feel battered and broken. The choice is yours.”

Channeled Message 3.21.14

PREFACE:  I just can’t seem to get to a place where I can write a blog. The Guys asked me if I would document a message from them and well, saying no isn’t really an option. 🙂

“Dear Ones, we hear your screams. We know we have left you in agony. It is incomprehensible and we sincerely and most whole-heartedly apologize for the delay in your dreams manifesting. Some of you wish to give up and in truth, some of you have.  We have accepted more of you back into our loving arms than any of you will truly know. It is just the lay of the land.  People tire and when they tire, they can no longer climb or go forward.  These people do not wish to continue their learning and request a ticket to the Promised Land.  No. We do not make light of what you humans call heaven for to do so would be a sacrilege against what you believe. We would never do that, it is not our way.

This One (me) is tired, too.  She has been in the trenches with the rest of you triaging those that find their way to her.  She is tireless and is a proud warrior but we see the new lines beginning on her face, as well.

We wish we had better answers for you but this is all uncharted territory for us as well. Some of you think we are omnipotent and should be able to solve all the earthly dilemmas, but we tell you we are far from it. We are from a meld that contains vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom about your spiritual growth, but some of the questions you are asking or demanding answers to are literally above our pay grade. We borrowed that expression from our little One as we feel it fits.

We urge you to not give up the fight. There is dawn right around the corner. This One wants to punch us and maybe she is right to want that.  It is horrible what this latest energy burst has done to some of you. Others have weathered the storm fairly well and well, still others have opted to return home. It is a cycle; it will continue for as long as there are human inhabitants on planet Earth.

We do wish to bring to you a ray of hope, a spark of sunshine, if you will.  This can’t last forever. We promise you it WON’T last forever.  Even now there are streaks of brilliant orange, yellow and red on the horizon. The end of this phase is near. The question you all should be asking yourselves is what will be your first step when you feel unencumbered again.  Plan for that, look TO that.  That will be your salvation and redemption, all in one.

Some of you still have some dust to shake out of the rugs you call life. Others fair better as they have already done their spring cleaning and rug shaking.  It is in everyone’s best interest to realize that no one is an island; you are ALL inter-connected.  If that makes sense, wouldn’t it benefit you all to help those who are in supreme pain? Wouldn’t it feel right and good to do so?  In essence, you are really helping yourself by helping others. Ahhhh….now some of you see where we are going with this. Good!  If you are ALL energy, then helping or healing one of your masses has a residual, positive effect on the greater good.

We urge you to focus your bright eyes on the everlasting dawn that is coming. Focus your thoughts and desires on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Once this energy blast has cleared, you will feel unfettered and free to move about the country. It is as it shall be.

We remind you; you are NOT alone, not now, not ever. There is always someone watching over you whether that person be incarnate or ascended.  We will help where we can, of course, but this journey is yours.  What will you do today to make it better?

We leave you now knowing we hear your pleas. We hear your turmoil and watch you struggle with the unknown. We rejoice that so many of you are already aiding others for to do so will save the world as you know it.”   

(Melissa’s Note: Holy Schamolly! That last line packed a wallop!)

Channeled Message – January 2014




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(Melissa’s note: I’ve been hearing this for a few clients lately and the Guys wanted to expand upon it. Fair warning: They get a bit feisty.)

“We wish to expand upon what we have been asking this Little One to relay during several of her intuitive sessions recently. We have asked her to tell each client we deem needs to hear it that when they speak harshly to themselves, they speak harshly to the entire universe.

We further simplify for each client by saying, “If you berate yourself, you berate your mother, your father, your daughter, your brother. You berate ALL THOSE YOU LOVE” for, in our eyes, you are all energy and what you think about yourself, you think about your neighbor.  It’s an interesting concept, is it not? We think so.

We’d like for you to ponder the ramifications and effects of that last sentence. We wish to repeat: “What you say to yourself, negative or positive, you say to the entire earthly population.” We see some of you raise your hand to your lips and your eyes go wide.  Our words have hit their mark. You understand that to treat yourself harshly is to treat all those that you love harshly. It just cannot be done. In truth, it should never be done. Ever.

You humans were not put on this earth to find fault with yourself. Never. Not once was that in the grand scheme. But you compare and justify and abuse just the same.  The one you choose to turn your malice upon is yourself, your sweet, gentle inner soul.

We tell you strongly it must stop. You are breeding putridity and hate and it’s not something we will tolerate for much longer. What can we do? Some of you have no idea what we are capable of and while threats are not our game, we bring with us promises. Continue to abuse yourself and you will suffer the consequences. It just is. It is the way it must be.

We can barely tolerate the self-abuse you humans heap, undeservingly so, upon your shoulders. We urge you to examine the intent behind your harpings. What is it you think you’re missing? What is it you think you deserve? Above all, we urge you to examine why it is acceptable to most of you to be abusive towards the entire race.

There is new energy coming in. It is powerful and strong and it will blast out most, if not all, of that which is no longer resonate. In order to make your journey into and through this upcoming energy expansion, we URGE you to try and let go some of the negative self-talk that comes so easily to you. We urge you with the highest degree of love.  For your journey into the Expansion will be tumultuous and troublesome if you still cling to the old, standard ways of doing things. We wish for it to be an easy, even breezy if you will, transformation.

What will you do with this information? We hope you use it to your greatest advantage for we have aeons of love for you all. Infinite love that will never expire or lose its luster. Please, we almost beg of you, stop belittling yourselves. It does your entire race a huge disservice.

We wish to thank this One (me), for patiently transcribing our words. She knows the importance of these messages although it’s not always easy for her to grasp what we are saying or where we are coming from. She is a warrior fighting the good fight. We salute her and all that she is trying to do. She is but one and you are many. Band together, bond and rise up. It is almost time to show the world your glory. Do not fear you will not ‘be enough’ for we tell you, you are already enough.”


When I was a little girl, maybe 7 or 8, I became very lost. I had gone to a neighborhood not far from my own but one that was foreign to me. I went walking with a friend and we got into an argument and she stormed off. I was to mad to follow her. Puhhh. I didn’t need her. I could find my own way home. So I ended up wandered around hilly streets until I became tired, hungry and frightened. 

I had walked by a house, at least once, that had a beautiful weeping willow in the front yard. I remembered that house, in particular, because we had a weeping willow in our backyard. On my second (or third) pass, I decided I couldn’t keep wandering around so I sat beneath the branches of the beautiful tree in hopes someone would find ME.  Why I ultimately chose that house or that tree wasn’t consciously known to me. But as you all know, I preach there are no coincidences.

As I sat with my chin resting on my knees and my arms wrapped tightly around my legs, I cried and wished for my mom. The house’s garage door opened and a car pulled in. A tall, middle aged woman got out and slowly walked toward me. She had kind eyes and instead of standing to her full height, she bent down as she approached.  When she reached me, she knelt next to my little, tightly curled up body and said, “Honey. Are you lost?” She was so caring and so maternal and I felt so relieved that someone had found me that I started bawling even harder. All I could do was nod my head. 

She asked if I wanted to call my mom or dad. Did I know my mommy or daddy’s number?  Yes. I did. She brought me inside and made me hot cocoa while she (or I?) called my mom.  She had an easy, flowing way of helping me become calm. She chatted with me (not to me, there is a difference) as if I was an old friend who had stopped in for a visit.  

I don’t remember much more of the experience except getting into the back seat of my dad’s car and wondering if he was going to yell at me for getting lost, for going into a stranger’s home or for interrupting his work day.  He did not yell and he did not berate. What he did was asked if I was OK. For my rather unemotional dad, this meant the world to me and it helped me feel safe.

As we topped a hill, I caught my bearings and knew where we were. I felt silly because I was so close to home and yet didn’t know it. But that experience began a lifelong fear of becoming lost.

As a young adult and well into my adulthood, I would suffer from anxiety when I needed to be somewhere I’d never been before.  This was well before the days of GPS or even MapQuest.  This was when you actually had to go to a brick and mortar library if you wanted information on a particular subject. The internet hadn’t been created and cell phones were still a glint in someone’s eye.

Keep in mind I traveled for a living when I worked in banking. I traveled all over the vast, great state of North Dakota and each time I faced a new address, I would get my mini-freak out on.  I would arrive at my destinations ridiculously early so I didn’t arrive late. My thoughts were this: if I became lost I would have time to figure it out before I was late. Being late was (and is!) incredibly distasteful to me.

When I was in counseling, we worked on this powerful memory. Some 13 years later, I’m still working on it. With the invention of GPS, etc., I feel more in control but I am still glued to the little computer voice that tells me when to turn and that my address will be on the right.  I still plan my route before I leave the house and I make sure I have some wiggle room in the time area.  I often joke that I am ‘directionally challenged’ and more often than not, I hear others say, “Me too!” 

I’d like to put the finishing touch on the story I began earlier. Not long after my lost  incident happened, my Brownie den leader quit and I was reassigned to another troop.  As fate would have it, the woman who found me, the woman who owned the house with the beautiful weeping willow, was my new den leader. Yep. Seriously. 

Putting this story on paper has helped me recognize that there has never been a time when becoming lost (physically, emotionally or spiritually) didn’t turn into finding my way. The countless fearful scenarios I’ve created in my mind over the years have never come to life, not once.

With or without consciously knowing it, we all come equipped with a roadside (uhhh, heaven side?) assistance plan. It doesn’t matter if we feel we are on the wrong spiritual, physical or emotional path. There is always guidance available to you, whether it is a physical person, an Ascended Being or an intuitive feeling.

Remember: If you feel lost, maybe you’re just one hill from being home, too.