“Melissa’s voice is unique and the humor she brings to it while also conveying the pain she went through makes this book different; it’s moving, educational and laugh out loud funny.

Dana Micheli, Writers in the Sky

Where is he?!

For years, Melissa believed her “One” – the spicy soulmate she was destined to share her life with – was close, but to her he seemed to be taking an eternity.

Surprisingly, when the phone finally rang, Melissa hesitated. Was she aware the greatest journey of her life – one filled with terrifying leaps of faith, crushing heartbreak, and jaw dropping miracles – was about to begin? Or did she sense the caller, a true ladies’ man with a disarming smile and a mile long stubborn streak, was about to become her greatest love – and teacher?

Blissfully unaware, of the profound changes she was igniting for not only herself but thousands of others, Melissa answered the fated call with a simple hello.

One Plus One Makes Three is a spectacular look into how a once highly-analytical woman decided to let go of control and trust in the unseen. Melissa Schaff takes you on an enlightening and unflinchingly honest journey of how she followed spiritual breadcrumbs to connect with her intuition, guardian angels, and her forever love. Melissa’s unique voice, full of personality and authenticity, brings her memoir to life by seamlessly weaving her experiences, humor, and angelic insights in a way that will keep you on the edge of your seat – and wanting more.

After a twenty-one-year banking career, Melissa Schaff discovered her own intuitive abilities, along with the healing power of Reiki. A native of Minot, North Dakota, she revealed her “new age” interests to a small circle of trusted friends. It wasn’t until she finally came out of the spiritual closet to her surprisingly accepting father that she ditched the fear, followed her passion, and opened Inner Focus Reiki, where she empowers, enlightens, and inspires all who find her.