“Now this is how Bryan would celebrate!” read Jamie’s upbeat text sent just hours after leaving my office. It was quite the change from her emotional session.

When Jamie scheduled her appointment, she was suffering from guilt over things she felt she shoulda/woulda/coulda done, but didn’t. She asked me to see if a recently departed friend would talk with me. I cautioned her that Bryan might still be transitioning and if he was, I wouldn’t be able to visit with him. She understood but said that she would like to try.

I needn’t have been concerned.

Within minutes of beginning the session, Bryan’s joking personality filled my head. He, a veteran who was not much older than my husband, died alone (thanks, Covid!) in the VA Hospital. This was part of Jamie’s remorse.

When I communicated this and other concerns to Bryan, he told me he regretted nothing; not the service to his country, remaining single, or being childless. Then he broke into a rousing rendition of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,” which elicited giggles from both Jamie and me.

At one point, after telling Jamie several times to “fuhhhgedabout it” (whatever she felt badly about), and listening to me stumble repeatedly over the word, he decided to teach me the “proper” pronunciation. We mentally, and sometimes verbally, bantered back and forth until I was laughing.

It’s always fun when out-of-body-souls have an amazing sense of humor (Kyle, anyone?).  I’m telling ya, as in life – as in death.

When we reached the point where The Guys were quiet, and the out-of-body folks were satisfied that their messages had been delivered, I began focusing silently on the Reiki feel goods when Bryan whispered solemnly,

“Tell her I forgive her. If that’s what she needs to hear, I forgive her.”

My closed eyes sprang open and sensing the importance, I wrote it down. When our session was finished, I delivered the message. Immediately Jamie’s eyes filled with tears that broke free and streamed down her porcelain cheeks.

“That’s what I needed to hear,” she sobbed. “That’s what I’ve been begging him say!”

In that moment, she let go of the guilt, embraced forgiveness, and began to heal.

Is it time you did?