Channeled Message 11.28.16

“Dear ones. Some of you are feeling oh so enlightened while others feel like they are floundering in the darkness. We have news for you; it is all a matter of perception. That is not to say one is better than the other for they both have their value. It IS to say it is all how you view it.

Some of you moan and tell us your life is falling down around your ears. Others exalt in being free from the Old even though their life is in shambles. Interesting how perceptions can be, wouldn’t you agree?

This One (Melissa’s Note: Oh oh. What am I doing now!!?) has had degrees of perception changes and it has nourished her soul. She has chosen to take a hard look at what isn’t working in her life (her soul) and is choosing (operative word) to do something about it.  That is not to say she is happy about it. Oh no, we can most assuredly tell you she has done her fair share of carping, but she is a warrior and pushes through none the less.  Are you doing the same or are you bemoaning your plight?

We will offer you this; it is always darkest before the storm. Ahhhhh. We see we have caught some of you off guard with our rendition of the old saying. But it is true; it IS always darkest before the storm. Now what “the storm” means is wholly up to you. It can be a super storm that douses everyone that comes within a 50 mile radius or it could be an easy-breezy spring storm that is over as quickly as it began.

There is “big energy” in the atmosphere now. It is pushing for change. We have harped at you before about change. Some of you grow bored with our perseverance but your soul’s evolution is what we are concerned with, not your tactile ego.

What are you doing differently? Are you parting your hair differently? Wearing different glasses? Taking a different route to work? Yes, even something so seemingly easy can make all the difference in the world. Change; it must happen. It needs to happen. It is destined to happen.

We ask that you take a look at what is no longer working in your life. Are you stubbornly holding on to a value, thought or emotion that no longer serves you? If so, ask yourself why. We hear you say, “Because it is comfortable” but how does the Old become uncomfortable and the New become comfortable? Practice. Practice, practice, practice.

If you are unwilling to try, we will still stand beside you but your journey will become rockier. If you are willing to try, even the most imperceptible amount, then your journey becomes easier. If you feel you are lagging behind others, then we will wait for you to catch up. We just need that first step to come from you.

You are not alone. We tell you this 100 million times and yet some of you still believe you ARE alone. We tell you never, not once, not ever. Look to your brother, your sister, your aunts, uncles, friends, enemies. No one is alone. We are all connected and we are all evolving. None of us is free from the trials and tribulations that are happening right now in an effort to let go of the past. You are ALL experiencing some upheaval whether it be mild, moderate or severe. The important thing is that you keep moving. Stagnancy is paralyzing. It uses fear against you when the opposite is true.

Get moving. Keep moving. We will walk the path with you, ALL of you. Start the movement and then keep going, even if only by minuscule amounts.  Just move. MOVE!”


We do a lot of spiritual/intuitive work on an unconscious level, especially when we’re sleeping. When we sleep, we are very open to hearing messages from our Guardian Angels. Our “Guys” (a pet name Susie used and now I use) want to be able to communicate with us while we’re conscious, too.    

I’m reminded of two stories friends have shared with me.  One friend really struggled with her spouse’s hurtful decisions throughout their long marriage. They had gone the usual routes to save their marriage, however, her husband’s damaging choices continued. She prayed to God daily (hourly?!).  One night she woke, sat straight up in bed and had an epiphany. She had one single thought echoing in her mind.  My friend, who is not so much spiritual as she is deeply religious, listened. She KNEW what she heard was true, as it deeply resonated with her. She felt like it was the answer to her prayers. She and her husband divorced and she found (and later married) her true soul mate. 

The other friend had lost her beloved mother.  She was grieving and wanted to know if her mom was still around her.  She asked for a very specific physical sign; she wanted to see a bumblebee.  Not a problem in the summer, but this was February, in North Dakota.  Low and behold, one frosty morning she opened her bathroom window and a bumblebee flew in. I kid you not. True story. 

The signs may come as a single event, recurring numbers, songs or even names.  There’s really no limit to what can be taken as a sign.  My first numerical sign was the number three.  I was seeing threes EVERYWHERE at random times and odd ways.  I’d see an infomercial whose phone number would contain 333.  I’d glance at a highway marker – 333. My odometer would show 333 or my fuel economy would be 33.3.  License plates showed me 333 and I’d often wake; you guessed it, at 3:33.  

At the time, this spiritual stuff was new to me.  I didn’t know these were signs of communication; I just thought it was really odd. Then the repetitive songs started.  The first song I remember repeatedly hearing was U2’s, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” I was single at the time and after I caught on I would groan, roll my eyes and say, “Real funny, Guys! Duh!” 

Later, a new song replaced U2’s.  It was “The Last Worthless Evening” by Don Henley.  I’d giggle as I’d figured out the message behind the number three. It meant, I hoped, The One (as in, “He’s The One”) was finally returning to me. 

Are you ready to know the correlation between the signs? It’s a doozey!!  Ahem. Quiet please! The man who re-entered my life and became my One, has a beautiful first name that literally means, “State of being threefold; three closely related persons or things; Father, Son and Holy Spirit as three persons.” Blink. Blink. BLINK. 

Admittedly, that one was a showstopper for me. Prior to that, my logical and highly analytical mind was really slow on the uptake.  Sure, I’d ask for signs.  I’d ask to hear a particular song and then when I’d hear it, I’d ask for further proof. If I received additional proof, I’d ask for even MORE proof! Jeez! Yes, I was one of ‘those.’ I tested my Guys patience to the point of their exhaustion (and that takes a LOT as they have infinite patience!). At one point, My Guys became so perplexed with my constant neediness they said, “Do you think all we have to do is send you signs?!”  😉  

Keep in mind I didn’t always see the signs I’d asked for, but that was an answer as well. Eventually I learned to say, “If this is going to happen, show me xxx. If it isn’t, show me xxx.” And then I’d try really hard to shut my telepathic trap and be satisfied with the response. 

The lesson for me was to learn to trust in what I couldn’t physically see, touch, feel, smell or hear. I don’t know why this concept was so difficult other than I was highly analytical at the time. I was well into my Reiki training in which Susie had taught us you couldn’t see, smell, hear, touch or feel air, but you knew it existed.    

Through the years I’ve had fun looking up the meaning of numbers I repeatedly see (‘Angel Numbers’ by Doreen Virtue). I smile at how appropriate their translations are. It’s a fun, playful way to open the communication channels with your Guys. Try it!  I have it on good authority They get REALLY excited when a new communication channel is established. 😉