I jokingly tell clients if I had all the answers, I would charge a $1000 an hour and I would be living somewhere that isn’t below freezing for 6 months of the year. I’d also be super rich as I would have accurately predicted lotto numbers and helped scientists determine when California was going to fall into the ocean and discovered the cure for cancer…and… and….

Often people think intuitives are all knowing. They think we have the answers to every single question they can ask. At least that’s what I thought when I was a client of intuitives/psychics.  But it’s not accurate. We all have limits.

When I was a client of Susie’s, I asked her about this. My thought was that as an intuitive she should know anything and everything but she said if we were given all the answers, we could not handle it. Our human brain literally could not grasp all the responses as we are not super computers. We are humans and as such we simply cannot wrap our minds around answers that we are not evolutionarily or genetically ready to hear/understand. It’s like trying to explain Sir Isaac Newton’s Theory of Gravity to a two year old. They will not understand the answer even though they may have asked why an apple fell from a tree.

I have friends, clients and in all honesty, myself, who have demanded answers or responses to questions about physical events from the Guys. Sometimes they answer and sometimes they don’t and the reason for that varies. It may be because the person, on some level, doesn’t want to hear the answer. Sometimes the question is too subjective (i.e. “Will I be OK?”). Sometimes they don’t respond because YOU don’t have the answer and still, other times, they don’t know the answer. They are not omnipotent; they are Guardian Angels concerned with your spiritual growth.

So if you’re seeking responses to questions of the physical and you don’t receive them, know that we aren’t meant or even capable of knowing everything. Well, at least not while we are in human form. When you cross back from where you came, you’ll have ALL your questions answered before you can form the question. True that.

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