You crazy cats! I’ve gotten two emails today stating you are waiting in suspense for the next installment of yesterday’s blog! Whatta hooot! I love it! Thank you. Wait no more……..

(NOTE: This blog is a continuation of yesterday’s “Vasectomy” blog.)

We used birth control until well after we were married. I kept saying, “Honey. I really want to give birth to your little girl” and he kept mumbling something about, oh I don’t know, not being ready or something silly.  I, being 6 (or is it 7?) years older than him (he jokingly calls me ‘cougar.’ I do NOT find humor in it), didn’t have a huge window of time to wait. I mean, HELLO!

Even as we still practiced safe sex (giggle), Susie kept saying, “You’re going to be pregnant in xxx.” Then “xxx” would come and I wouldn’t be pregnant. I didn’t give up hope though, as I know how these spiritual timelines can be juked.  My husband still wasn’t on board with us having a baby. Ahhh, kind of crucial, don’t ‘cha think?!

Then one night as we were having dinner out, he looked up at me and in little more than a whisper said, “I think we should try.”  GULP!  Whaaa??! Now it was my turn to get my freak out on.  Here, all my dreams were coming true and I was scared beyond scared. I think I chewed off all my fingernails in about 2.2 seconds. If we weren’t in public and in a restaurant, I may have taken off my shoes/socks and started on my toenails!! Not kidding!

Those five little words, “I think we should try” wrecked me.  I think I was 44 at the time he said this. I had been so independent my entire life that now that having a baby was a real possibility, I wasn’t sure I wanted to get pregnant.  How’s that for a shocker?!  I mean, for a lifetime, I knew how many pregnancies/children I would have and I had wanted our baby girl for so, SO long, that now, when I was presented with the remote chance we’d have her, I was not sure I wanted to try!  Sigh.

Susie had been telling me I’d get pregnant with an egg released from my right side.  Me, knowing my body pretty well, knew exactly when I was ovulating and what side I was ovulating on.  It had been a joke for months between my husband and I that I couldn’t get pregnant as I was ovulating on the left side. Well, guess what? Left side ovulation? Pregnant.

Now you should know when people do intuitive work, there is ALWAYS room for us humans to change what we are being told.  I trust and respect Susie. She has saved my life in more ways than one. She is spot on with her intuitive information. She is a beautiful and gifted Healer. She married my husband and I. I love her. I would not be who or where I am today without her gentle mentorship and fierce friendship.

So I’m wondering why she heard, time after time after time, that I would become pregnant from an egg released from my right side.  You know what I came up with? I think I was subconsciously stopping the pregnancy from happening each time I ovulated on the right side.  Yeah, I do.  Looking back, my energy was just different in the months where I didn’t think I could get pregnant (i.e. left side ovulation) versus the months I thought I could. I know there are no coincidences and I believe our Guys told her that information because They saw the bigger picture.

Now let me add some more color to this story.  If I had conceived on my right side, my body would have aborted our baby. I’ll say it again, if I would have had our baby implant on my right side, she would not be here today.   None of us knew this until our little stinker decided to go breach the night before I gave birth.  It turned out that during my emergency C-section, it was discovered I had a ‘deviated uterus’ meaning, my uterus is split in two, uneven halves. The right side was the smaller side and would not have been able to sustain growing life.

Even the fact that baby girl went from being in the correct birthing position to breach all within 8 hours of the start of my labor, is not without significance. Her umbilical cord had been wrapped around her neck and I was told she may not have made it through the ‘normal’ birthing process alive.

Are you starting to see that there truly are no coincidences? That everything DOES happen for a reason?  You may not be aware of that reason for 50 years, but there IS a reason.

Our little girl coming to join us is nothing short of a miracle. Just look at all the dynamics that went into bringing her here. Look at everything that needed to happen.  “The Miracle of Life” has a whole new meaning for us.

I wrote this story for those of you who desperately want a baby. DON’T. GIVE. UP! Look at all the groundwork that needed to be laid in order for our baby to happen. Do what you need to do for you, whether it’s balancing your hormones, taking fertility tests or maybe just taking some pressure off of yourself.  When the time is right, IF it’s right, it’ll happen for you, too.

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