Even as teenager, I knew how many pregnancies/children I would have and I knew what order they would be born in.  I never really wanted kids during my starter marriage. In fact, I didn’t even think about having children until I was around age 38.

I wasn’t sure how the whole having children thing would work out since my marriage had gone down in flames, I was single once again and in my early 40’s.

Well! Low and behold, one day the medical community told me I had a disease that needed surgery. If I had the surgery I wouldn’t be able to have children. Well, I freaked the HELL out. Surgery wasn’t an option. I wanted children. Then I found Susie and Reiki.

Without going into specifics as it’s a story for another day, my condition – the one the medical community told me the only solution was an operation – was healed. My disease was gone.

A few years later, I was Reiki II trained and dating my husband. In our early days of dating, he decided he didn’t want any more children so he scheduled a vasectomy. There was little discussing this even though we were in a committed relationship. His mind was made up. I begged him not to do this as we both knew we were headed down the marriage path.

I had been crystal clear our entire relationship that I wanted children. I repeatedly told him I KNEW my next pregnancy would be a girl. I KNEW it.  You see, he had wanted a baby girl for so, so long. He would talk about braiding her hair and having her run to him as he came home from work. He wanted a little girl that would like to be outdoors and fish along side of him. He wanted her to reach her arms out and say, “dada.”  He was already manifesting her, but my stubborn, beautiful husband had the vasectomy anyway.

The night of his snip-snip, I prayed to God for help. Here I had met The One and I felt I could no longer continue our relationship. He knew I wanted children and he had taken steps to ensure that would never happen. I felt betrayed, dismayed and gut punched.

I woke up several times during that night. At one point, I heard, “Your miracle has been delivered.” I saw, in my mind’s eye, a small shoe box sized present wrapped in white, opalescent paper with a beautiful deep pink ribbon and bow sitting outside my apartment door.  This was so real that I actually got out of bed and opened my door. Nothing was there of course, but let me tell you, the ‘gift’ HAD been delivered. In spades.

I didn’t hear from my honey the day after his surgery. I had made it clear to him we couldn’t go on dating if he went through with his vasectomy. It tore me up. Can you imagine?! IT TORE ME UP!!!  I had already lost this man once (he dumped me!) and now I had lost him again. I KNEW I was suppose to have a child(ren) with him. It was almost too much to handle. I was completely beside myself.

The next night, after spending most of the day freaking out on the phone with Susie, I asked, out loud, “What in the hell am I suppose to do?! WHAT!?!” I heard, softly, ‘Walk the path a little longer, Little One.”   To be clear, this was in the really early days of my intuitiveness. But bless whomever’s heart for saying what They did as it got through to me.

That night, my guy called. He confirmed he went through with the vasectomy and said, “You made it pretty clear if I did this, we were finished” and I said, “I need to walk the path with you a little longer. Can you do that with me?” He said he could.

I was still waiting for the miracle I heard had occurred. I mean, did I really hear those sweet words or did I just want it so badly, that I said those words and then believed they came from a Higher Power?? I just wanted that miracle SO badly, you know? And he’d had the damn vasectomy!

Well, here it is folks. Here’s the miracle. My husband’s vasectomy DID NOT WORK (insert a sly smile). Miracle, anyone?! Yes, please and thank you! He told me his son, whom he gets custody of only one night a week, decided to sleep with him the night of his surgery. This is something his son (then 5 or 6) hadn’t done for months, but that night… coincidences, right??  And as his son slept, he thrashed and kicked my husband in parts that should NEVER be kicked.  Miracle delivered in the disguise of a sweet, six year old little boy. Vasectomy undone!

Now, I knew that just because he was physically able to have children once again, didn’t mean he was mentally open to it.  At this point in his life, he was learning about spirituality and was on board with me doing my Intuitive and Reiki Work on him.  After grousing around for weeks (or was it months?) that he was going to have another vasectomy, he bashfully said to me, “Maybe you’re right. There are no coincidences, so maybe my vasectomy not working is telling me something.” Gee, do you THINK?!!   He is a hard nut to crack, I’m telling you! Stubborn German.  😉

But our journey towards having a baby isn’t over yet.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog: ‘Miracle.’   😉

3 thoughts on “Vasectomy

  1. Another hit! This made me giggle (maybe that’s because I know Trinity, AND you) or maybe because this is quite humorous, and also made me smile as it is so enlightening to see how things work out….

    1. Oooh, Charmaine. You could have just stopped with, “….I just can’t get over how FN HOT you are.” 😉

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