I’ve been seeing birds everywhere. I took a trip to Bismarck during a spring snow storm and there were flocks and flocks of sparrows flitting across the interstate.  They reminded me of pilot fish. There was the swallow who decided to dart inside my car. Then there was one of my besties telling me she intuitively saw bluebirds around me.

A little idea began flickering in my brain that maybe these birds were a message and I should look into it. Of course I dismissed it. Whaaa? You do it, too!

I recently realized I’m playing a CD at work that has birds chirping and I just met someone whose name is Robin. The final light bulb moment happened when a sparrow decided to go belly up on our front porch.

Seeing birds is commonplace when I do my intuitive Work.  I either see them as totems or over a client’s throat area.

When the Guys go through such an effort to get my attention, it may be because others are experiencing the same thing. Those others may benefit from my research and what I have to say.

Here’s a little bit about what I’ve learned about birds in general. This insight is based on Ted Andrews book, “Animal Speak.” Almost every bird has some ancient and symbolic association. For instance, ravens/crows are fabulous protectors, messengers and creators of magic. Robins represent new growth, a creative life force and the ability to sing your own song.

Seeing birds, as a whole, may be trying to instinctively teach us how to respond automatically or intuitively to any give situation.

Birds eat often but in smaller amounts. This may be a signal for you to examine your own eating habits to further your spiritual growth. They have a fabulous metabolism that keeps them light. For us, this may indicate a lightness of spirit or the ability to astral travel.

Birds never run out of breath (uh, not like me…remember my “Breathe/Breathes” blog?) as they literally fly right into it. So for us, being outside and doing deep breathing exercises will not only help empower, it will be needed for our overall health.  By eliminating stress (via deep breathing and relaxing) we may notice it takes less effort to accomplish tasks. Sign me up!!

Birds have excellent vision. This could translate to us using our own intuitive vision more clearly. It could also help us see in all directions – past, present and future.

Birds can teach us to recognize our need to be flexible or even the ability to recognize changes in the weather. Hummmm, predicting the weather? Cool parlor trick!

All in all, you should examine the specific traits of the bird(s) you’re seeing to give you a clue as to understanding yourself. Since I’ve been predominately seeing sparrows, let’s look at some of their traits.

·         The sparrow is a “perky and assertive bird that can hold its own….” Hummm. Sound like anyone you know??? (wink wink)

·         It will show you how to survive and awaken new senses of dignity and self-worth. It will help you sing your song.

·         It will help you succeed in spite of outside circumstances.

Pretty cool stuff, huh? Now the hard part is to figure out what this means for me. Is it possible I’m about to become more intuitive? Or maybe develop additional intuitive gifts? If that’s true, it’ll be…(cough)… something to crow about.   Wahaahhaa.

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