As I work with clients, reoccurring energetic themes often pop up. What I mean by this is sometimes I see/hear the same information for a multitude of clients. This usually signals me to take notice.  If it’s happening to 3 or 5 or 15 of my clients, it may be happening to you and I as well. 

Sometimes these energetic ascension symptoms affect thousands of us. Sometimes they affect millions and yet, sometimes they only affect hundreds. It all depends on where you’ve been, where you’re going and where you are, spiritually speaking. 

Before I continue, I need to paint a picture for you.  This picture was painted for me years ago and one that I’m kind of squeamish about painting for you.  (Big breath) Ok, here goes….Imagine yourself in a tight, restrictive space. No, tighter. Noooo, tighter yet.  Ok, here comes my squeamishness and the picture…Ready? Envision a birthing canal.

K, so let’s say your spiritual body is being forced through a birthing canal of sorts. Most of us can only imagine how restrictive that might be, as I doubt any of us can remember going through it physically. Maybe, but I doubt it.   This canal is, of course, spiritual in nature but it may play havoc with your physical body. 

Imagine what your physical body might be going through to accommodate your spiritual advancement. You may, for instance, experience headaches or earaches if you’re just entering this energetic birthing canal. If you’re of the ilk that has been in the canal for a while, you may feel discomfort or malaise in your tummy or hips. For those individuals who are almost done with this chamber and chapter, your knees, ankles or even feet may be subjected to soreness of varying degrees. 

So let me repeat.  Even though this is a spiritual thing, your physical body may experience uncomfortable, roving symptoms.  I will caution you that if you are at all concerned about any of these symptoms/issues, see your medical doctor. You’ll know it’s something energetic if the soreness or pain moves around.   

Now that I’ve laid the groundwork, so to speak, the trend I’ve been seeing for the last few months is this: I’m noticing a lot of energy around everyone’s hips. It started out with ‘balance’ issues in the head area and then moved to ‘not speaking your Truth’ issues in the throat.  Then to the heart where relationships (addictions/marriage/emotions/habits/friends/jobs) which were no longer in harmony with you, ended. Then on to the lungs, tummy and well, redundantly, the hips. 

Have you noticed your hips/thighs/lower back feel tight? Maybe you’ve felt ‘stuck’ or like you’re not going anywhere. Have you felt bloated or had intestinal discomfort? Maybe you’ve recently had some lower back issues. 

How long does this ‘birthing’ journey take? It depends on a lot of things. I’m hearing about six months from head to toe. Then the whole process may start over almost immediately. What a wet blanket I am, huh?   

Now that you know this information, try to pay attention to your body a little bit more.  See if you can tell where you are in the spiritual birthing canal.   

Melissa’s Note: I can’t believe I typed, ‘birthing canal’ so many times {eye roll}.  Good LORD!


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