When I say the word, ‘desert’, what image does it conjure for you? For me, it evokes visions of scorching sand, hot, dry air and a barren, almost lifeless landscape. Blech. For some of you, this sounds like a dream come true, maybe even paradise. For me, it sounds like hell.  I don’t like extreme heat, I despise sweating and I hate feeling like I can’t breathe. So how in the holy blue blazes did I find myself in a desert? Here’s the kicker; I created it. Yep, in my mind. Worst yet, I believed it. I thought I WAS sweltering in a desert and that things around me were drying up or dying. I felt frustrated, angry and resentful. These are feelings I don’t personally care for.

What am I clucking about? This was a vision Susie brought to life during one of our recent Reiki sessions. She drew a verbal picture of what I was feeling. Then she said, “It’s an illusion. It’s not real. There’s water under the sand. In fact, it’s an iceberg and it’s only about an inch underneath the sand. All you need to do is scrape the sand away and there’s your water.”

So the desert image was just an illusion, but it felt real. I mean, NOTHING physically was happening in my life. Here I thought everything was drying up and I couldn’t even coax a cough out of an idea.  It was incredibly liberating to remember that if I tweaked my perspective a little bit, I could change what was going on around me. Well, leDUH! I mean, seriously! I KNOW this stuff. I’m often asked to inform clients, “What you think is real, isn’t. It’s an illusion. What you think is black is really white.” And yet sometimes, obviously, I can’t see the forest through the trees.

Another case in point: I recently went to a new chiropractor/acupuncturist. I told her I had chronic sinus infections. She said, “Do you eat/drink dairy?” I replied, “I don’t drink cow’s milk but occasionally eat yogurt and cheese.”  Without missing a beat, this petite powerhouse said, “Do you drink whey protein?” {Insert crickets chirping and me staring like a deer in the headlights.} AND THERE IT IS!! Yes. I. Drink. Whey (read: cow’s milk). Protein.  It was another head slapping, eye-rolling, DUH moment.

AND (no coincidences, right?), I received this Note from the Universe the day after Susie’s and my Reiki session:

“Just knowing that good things are now happening for you behind the curtains of time and space, which will soon spill into your life, is enough to make good things start happening for you.  Always know this, Melissa. Because they are.”

I mean, REALLY!!!

My point being, if I must have one, is that we all need someone who can help us see the bigger picture.  We get bogged down in the mucky-muck and can’t get free. We get caught in a fog and can’t seem to see our way clear.  We may have moments of lucidity but for the most part, we are stuck on a hamster wheel.

I’m blessed to have several of those ‘bigger picture’ souls in my life. Each one has their own niche and each one is invaluable to me.

Earlier I stated, “….we all need someone who can help us see the bigger picture.” Truly, I could have just written, ‘we all need someone.’

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