“Tell her about my comb” he said while sitting in a chair a few feet from me. I raised my eyebrows and said, “He wants me to tell you something about a comb?” My client starting laughing and said, “Melissa! He didn’t have any hair but he always carried a black comb in his pocket! It was a running joke in our family!!” and then she became quiet as tears streamed from her eyes. She had lost the man who was sitting in front of me, her husband, to an insatiable cancer just a few months prior to our session.

On another day and with another client, her (deceased) husband was in session with us once again. He showed up during our first session and re-appeared often during the following sessions. Sometimes he is in human form and sometimes he’s a glowing ball of orange energy that roughly resembles the human shape.

I was over this client’s stomach when I intuited the words, “butter cookies.” I told her it appeared her tummy wanted butter cookies. She, with a slow smile spreading across her face said no, it was her husband. She said she had talked with him on her way to our session and had asked him to make a reference to butter cookies. Evidently, once upon a time, she had made butter cookies and brought him a plateful. Her intent was to finish up a few things and then share the cookies with him. When she returned, the plate was empty and her husband was grinning like the cat who ate the canary.

Another story has the granddaughter wanting to know about her recently deceased grandmother. I instantly saw a rose and at the same time, heard the word. I asked her if her grandma’s name was Rose. She said no, but she placed a red rose on her casket. Grandma didn’t appear in my office but said she was “too busy to stop by as she was playing cards” and “could we reschedule?” My client said, “Yep! Sounds just like grandma!”

I’ll share one more story and it’s about a client’s long deceased grandmother; a woman whom my client had never met. This soul wanted my client to know she had a lineage in dealing with healing herbal remedies. My client told me herbs had always resonated with her but she never knew why.

Some of these deceased individuals tell me they’ll be ‘moving on’ soon as they have ‘work’ to do. This is code for they’ll be leaving behind the ability to make their presence known either to me or their loved one. Some thank me profusely for being open to communicate. Others say nothing and request I not let their loved one know they are there as they don’t wish to be a distraction. Still others wish to help with the Reiki session itself.

These deceased souls are thrilled to have someone to communicate through. Each and every time I’ve been a part of these exchanges, they have been filled with gentleness, compassion, love and reassurance.

One deceased husband conspiratorially told me he was ‘pulling strings’ for his wife but he had to be careful as he could upset the balance if he went too far. He assured me, and I assured her, he was doing all he could to help her. Then he approached her side, put his energetic hand over hers, bent slightly forward and gazed so gently and lovingly into her eyes that I felt like an interloper. I was moved to tears by what I saw and felt. It was as if he was capturing her image – or drinking it in – one last time.

The unconditional love these – and countless others – have shared did not diminish with one of their deaths; it transcended.

Melissa’s Note: For those of you who still physically have your loved ones, a regret openly expressed by those who remain is they wish they could have hugged their loved one again. You have the opportunity to do just that.

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