Insomnia is my kryptonite. It wrecks me.  In one short night, I go from rested to spastic.  I get out of bed crabby because, you guessed it, I couldn’t sleep. Gone is the positive, optimistic, up-beat, glass-half-full person.  Instead, I morph into something barely human. I literally growl like a small dog.  My Temper Flare-Up button is stuck in the on position and a pity pot meltdown is just one misinterpreted comment away. No. I do not do insomnia well, Sam I Am. I do not like it, not even with green eggs and ham. 

I’ve always been an ‘8 hours of sleep a night’ kind of girl. I inherited my sleep gene from my dad, who was a Master Napper, by the way. Anything short of eight hours, and I’m a little off. Anything way short of eight hours and I’m a lot off. 

Lately I’ve noticed my nighttime rest isn’t, wellllll, restful.  I’ve talked with others who are experiencing insomnia and as I’ve said before, when one or five or 15 of my clients are experiencing something, there’s usually more people who are and it’s usually an energetic thing. 

Something that has saved my insomnia-riddled brain in the past was my nappies. Before I used to think of my nappies as a decadent luxury. Now I think of them as basic survival.  To be clear, my use of the word ‘nappies’ is not the same as the UK term, which means diapers. 😉 I used to feel guilty about napping, as if it was just for ‘old people.’ Now to get a nappy in is bragging rights and I usually herald it from the mountaintops. If the Girl Scouts had a badge for napping, I’d proudly wear it. 

I’ve been off the nappy-train for about six months now. There’s just too much that needs to be attended to, including writing these labor-of-love blogs. Speaking of that, I’d like you all to know I got my bum handed to me on a platter earlier this week by my Guys. When Susie and I were working on each other (Reiki), she saw me as a sunflower that had been pulled out of the ground. My ‘roots’ were drying up. I told her I was feeling good. She said I was withering from the roots (feet) up. She said I had literally been uprooted because I wasn’t getting ‘nourishment.’ 

Nourishment? Whaaa??? I heard, “Nap.” No sooner did I hear this word than Susie said I was being told to NAP! Bam! There it is!!  Oooooh yes, I understand how my napping provides spiritual nourishment and physical replenishment.  I get it.  I really, really do. 

So if this latest energy thing is all about insomnia, how are we supposed to cope? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. I wish I did. Maybe if I wasn’t so dang tired I could stumble upon something. I guess we just go about doing what we can and wait for this to pass. I mean we don’t have much of a choice. 

For me, I know what I have to do. The message was clear. I need to cut back on some of my activities and reintegrate my naps at least until this energy has worked its way through. That may mean cutting back on my blogs. I didn’t realize how much time is spent composing, proofreading and re-writing. I’m really enjoying these blogs and I know you guys are too, but when the Guys speak, I need to pay attention. I’ve ignored Them before and I do NOT want the smack-down I KNOW would be coming if I repeatedly ignored Their messages. I’ve been down that road before, don’t want to go back and I’ll blog about that another day.  

Nighty-night. Sleep tight. Pray Mr. Sandman comes tonight.


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