When I hear words repeated (ad nauseum, sometimes!!) during a client’s session, I have learned they may have a spiritual or significant meaning for my client.  Most of you know that The Guys love to use big words and that I don’t understand most of them. In fact, I don’t even try anymore. 😉 That’s actually a good thing as these repeated words rarely have the meaning we think they do. So I write them down, look them up and tell my client.  More often than not, we’re blown away by how perfect one or more of the meanings are.
I’m taking a page out of Susie’s handbook (remember her Word of the Week?? LOVED it!!) and I’m going to start blogging a monthly (or weekly, depending on The Guys) intuitively inspired word. Once my website is up and running (or maybe before, who knows!), I may offer a weekly/monthly personalized intuitive word just for you. Just something I’m playing with.  
Here’s two words and their dictionary meanings straight from the voices in my head to yours.  🙂  
a.  Judgement, evaluation  – a favorable critical estimate
b.  Sensitive awareness – recognition of aesthetic values
c.  An expression of admiration, approval or gratitude
d.  Increase in value
a.  The act or power of perceiving or comprehending
b.  The result of apprehending mentally – conception
c.  Seizure by legal process – arrest
d.  Suspicion of fear, especially of future evil – foreboding

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