We have our home professionally cleaned once a month and have been with the same company for almost a year. I’ve had the same team of two fantastic gals come each month but for some reason, one of the gals was different this time. I didn’t think anything of it, after all people do get sick. I was just thankful I could walk on our kitchen floor without my socks sticking to droplets of apple cider.

Later in the evening, after my little miss was asleep, I went downstairs. We live in a small rambler so it’s not as if I’m descending into the bowels of Hell when I do this. About half way down the stairs, my brows knit together and my steps hesitated. In my mind I was saying, “What is that?” and I tilted my head to the right as if to hear better. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t smell anything but I felt as if something was off.

When I made it to the foot of the stairs, I innately and immediately extended my left arm in front of me and put my fingers to the ceiling thus signifying the universal sign for “stop.” I don’t know why, but I started intoning a Reiki 2 symbol that I use to purify a room prior to giving students Reiki attunements.

I turned the corner, arm and hand still out in a powerful, protective stance and walked towards the room where our sump pump, freezer and furnace is. The negative energy became stronger as I approached the door. I was utilizing the light from the stairs and remember chastising myself for not turning on the ceiling lights.

As my right hand reached for the doorknob, I knew whatever I was sensing was in there. With my left hand, I flipped on the light switch and with my right, I simultaneously turned the door knob. I jumped into the brightly lit, light silver-green room like a ninja. I crouched low, had my left hand and arm out in front of me while the right hand was balled into a fist and my arm was cocked back, ready to punch someone’s lights out.  Man, I’m telling you I was ready to do battle!

There was nothing there. Well, nothing I could see with my squinted physical eyes and I didn’t WANT to see anything with my spiritual eyes. I straightened my stance, dropped both my arms and kept repeating the powerful Reiki symbol.

I grabbed what I needed, raced towards the door slamming it as I went through. For a nano second I thought about leaving the light on and just procuring my safety, but energy conservation is too ingrained in me. I have (cough) been referred to as the “Light Nazi” on an occasion or two. My Devil be damned attitude was no surprise and I shut off the lights.  As I was ascending the stairs, two at a time, I thought, “What in the hell is wrong with me!? I’m acting like a child. What was THAT?!”

I am not prone to drama nor am I prone to hysterics, although that’s what I tried to tell myself it was. Then the spiritual part of me kicked in and said, “Has this ever happened in the 9 years you’ve lived here?” No, never. “Then what is different?”  That is when I checked the signatures on the work order and discovered a different person had entered our house.

I decided to see if lightening would strike twice. Don’t idiots do this in horror movies and then die?!  Well, ode to Nightmare on Elm Street, I descended the stairs once again. I felt the negative energy. The hair on my arms stood up. I looked around but didn’t see anything. I was muttering the powerful Reiki symbol inside my head. I went into my home office and the energy was unadulterated. It felt untouched and pure, just as I had left it. I whirled around, squinted my eyes at our normally energetically inviting theater room and briskly walked towards the stairs. As I did so, the hair on the nape of my neck tingled and rose.

In the safety of our upstairs well-lit living room, I grabbed my phone to text my husband. I discovered I was trembling. Ok, well, that’s not normal and neither is the physical response I experienced downstairs. I dropped the phone onto a chair and called my Guardian Angels (The Guys). I stormed, “What in the FUCK was that?!” I pointed my finger towards the heavens and demandingly growled, “I, and this house and all those that reside within are supposed to be infinitely protected! That was the deal! I put myself out there and do your Work, YOU are supposed to keep my sanctuary SAFE. What in the HELL happened!?!  Better yet, just GET RID OF IT NOW!”

My eyes closed and my head tilted back. My hands and arms rose slightly from my sides, palms facing the ceiling. I took in a deep breath and felt my entire body quiver with righteous energy. After about 10 seconds of this, I heard a feminine voice with a hint of a smile softly say, “It is gone. You are safe.”

I opened my eyes and said, “What WAS that?! Holy shit! WHAT WAS THAT?!” And before they could answer I said, “Never mind! I don’t want to know. I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to know. Thank you for getting it out of here.”  I then proceeded to infuse the Reiki 2 symbol in all the doorways and windows. Protection, baby. Protection of the energetic kind.

I thought about contacting two married friends of mine who are both intuitively gifted. I wanted to see if they thought the entity was gone; I wanted human reassurance. But then I decided my Guys have never lied to me and so I was to trust in them. Besides, the energy in the house felt different. I still wasn’t about to go downstairs. That would wait until morning when it was naturally light outside.

As I was going to bed, I had this passing thought that I should get our gun. That was how real this threat was to me and to my sleeping little miss. I snorted inside of my head, rolled my eyes and thought, “Oh good one, Melissa. As if a gun is going to do anything against an entity. Chaaaaaaaaa.”

As is my way, I talk with my Guardian Angels as I am falling asleep. I heard them say, “Do you trust?” and I was like, “Dudes. For real. Are we going to have this convo again?!” Then I was infused with the knowledge of what took place on a spiritual level. Have I mentioned EVER (being factious here!) how thankful I am that I can see things from a spiritual perspective as it vastly differs from what we think is happening on the physical realm?

The sweet miss (or misses) who came to clean our home left a part of herself here. She didn’t do so intentionally, it was as if she sloughed off some dead skin, only this “skin” looked like a leach on steroids. I didn’t want to see the entity but my angels felt it best so I could understand what had happened.

I was shown this tentacle type of thing, sort of like you would see in a Sci-Fi movie. It looked like an alien octopus had one of its conical appendages lopped off, minus the suckers. It was shiny, black and writhing. “Death throes” is what I heard.

I knew this miss had been going through something horrible and that part of her was dying. She (no coincidences) came to our home, our HIGH ENERGY home to be rid of a succubus; something that was no longer needed. This entity had crawled into our little used basement room preparing to die. I messed that up when I came downstairs and felt it.

So to make this a little more clear, the substitute cleaning miss, on some level, knew our home would be a safe place for her to rid a portion (or all) of her burden, her darkness. She had outgrown or no longer needed it. She trusted we would be safe and the gal she replaced, the one who knew the energy of our home, trusted that this would be for her replacement’s highest good.

I am at peace with what happened. I am at peace knowing that our home, filled with laughter and tears, felt like a safe haven for a woman to begin (or continue) her unburdening transformation. I am at peace with my angels lowering the frequency of our home to allow this to happen. I am at peace knowing that we provided a safe place, outside of my Work, for someone to heal. I now understand why my Guys asked earlier, “Do you trust?” They were trying to calm me or remind me all is not as it seems; there is a Higher Power at work here.


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