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Melissa Schaff, Intuitive, Reiki Master Practitioner and Author

Reiki with Intuitive Messages     

I combine my intuitive gift of channeling (relaying) messages along with the therapeutic, calming, healing energy of Reiki.  For the first part of your session, I channel information I hear, sense or know from your Guardian Angels, Ascended Ones or yes, even deceased loved ones.  While I don’t tout myself as a Medium, I often have deceased loved ones pop in for a visit. Regardless who has come to visit, the messages are spiritual in nature but can speak to the physicality, as well.  They are infused with love and validate your own innate knowing.

The second half of your session consists of me quietly continuing to deliver pure, powerful Reiki energy while you meditate, nap or just rest your eyes.  Clients find this combination to be balancing, peaceful and very insightful.  If you’d like your session recorded, please bring your own recording device.

30 minute Session – $250

60 minute session – $500

I can’t tell you how much better I feel! You have such a gift.’

‘What you did for me was HUGE! You gave me hope that I was going to get better and to keep searching for the answers.’

Partner Insight

 (Description coming soon!)

Corporate Insight

(Description coming soon!)

Long Distance Healings

A LDH is a wonderful alternative to a hands-on Reiki session.  To receive the sent energy, find a quiet place and relax. It’s that easy!  You may feel warmth, tingling or a deep sense of peace…all things you might feel with a hands-on session! Depending on your needs, I offer three options:    

  • The first is a no-frills, nuts and bolts LDH. It contains minimal intuitive information and is designed for pets, babies or third parties where intuitive information may not be needed.  It’s pure energy with just a sliver of intuition pie.  $250
  • The second option is, by far, the most popular. I perform a LDH and then provide detailed feedback (via email) as to what I intuitively hear, see or sense.  This is a great option to replace a hands-on session. Whether you’re in town or a continent away, this is an energetic and intuitive thirst quencher.  $500
  • The third option is a souped up version of the second.  I again perform a LDH, transcribe the information (via email) AND provide you with a 30-minute intuitive phone conversation.  With this crème de la crème option, you can have your cake and eat it, too!  $750

You’ve already given me new hope that I really do have the power to  help myself.

‘Your messages are so clear, concise, flowing, and confident. I could feel the energy moving through me.’

Group Reiki/Readings

Are you looking for something empowering and inspiring to do with your besties? Maybe get to know them on an entirely new (spiritual) level? Or maybe you’re intimated by a one-on-one Intuitive Reiki session but would feel more comfortable testing the waters among a few trusted friends? Whatever the case, whatever the reason, these sessions are designed to give your group a taste of what Reiki is all about and enlighten you on your spiritual journey.

Let me tell you how this works. You’ll get a brief overview of the history of Usui Reiki, what I can/can’t do with my intuitive gifts and how the Guardian Angels, Ascended Beings or deceased loved ones deliver their messages.

Then it’s approximately 10 to 20 minutes (depending on the number of attendees) of Reiki and channeled messages in front of your pals! What gets better than that? I’m saying! Bonding on a whole new level.

Up to 4 friends – 60 minute session – $500

5 to 6 friends – 90 minute session – $750