For anyone who was a fan of Seinfeld, this title is sure to evoke fond memories. Doing ‘The George’ is second nature to me now, but it wasn’t always the case.

In 2001, I found myself climbing out of a self-imposed hole. My normally healthy self-worth had withered to a mere fraction of what it used to be. I let ego and fear take over my life. I became a person I did not like.  I was needy. I was controlling. I was co-dependent. I was angry. I was in emotional pain.  I blamed others for the person I’d become. I said awful things to those that I loved, especially the ones I believed were responsible for my emotional distress.  In essence, I was the poster child for low, dense and negative energy.

Climbing out of that hole took guts as I’d been in it for so long. First, I had to realize I was IN a hole. Ding ding. Then, I had to acknowledge I’d not only gotten myself into this hole but I’d bought a shovel to dig even deeper.  Lastly, I had to get myself out. No one could do this for me. SUCK!  That meant I had to take responsibility for being so miserable. Double SUCK!

As I was flailing around still trying to blame everyone else, two amazing women entered my life.  Both of these women were highly spiritual and brought different gifts to the table.  Both were my salvation.   One taught me to live for myself and not be concerned with what ‘everybody’ thinks.  She taught me to try to live in the moment and not do things that I really, truly did not want to do.  She taught me it was OK to say no, especially to ego.

The other indispensable woman helped me grow my intuitive gifts and calmed and soothed my spiritual soul when I was afraid and panicky. I called her my ‘personal aloe vera plant’ and with good reason. She’s the one who gave me this fabulous tidbit of spiritual advice when I had asked, “But, how do I know if what I’m doing is spiritual or not?” She replied, “Just do the opposite of what you would normally do and that’s usually the spiritual way.”

One of my first acts utilizing what I now call ‘The George’ (aka Fake It ‘Till You Make It) was trying to figure out what my priorities were and what invitations I really wanted to accept.  This meant I had to examine my very loud ego and why I was really doing what I was doing.  Was I saying yes because I felt I HAD to or ‘everybody’ would be disappointed?  Or was I saying yes because I really wanted to do said event?   I found saying no became easier when I listened and responded to my own needs first.

My ego became quieter and putting myself first was rewarding.  I was saying NO to guilt and YES to me for the first time since childhood. This didn’t make me shameless or selfish, it made me empowered.  I was no longer doing things because I felt ‘others’ or ‘everybody’ expected it.  I was no longer saying yes to things and then praying for an excuse to not attend.  It was liberating!!

After about six months of really working this George concept, I began to see a positive change in me.  I was less apt to listen to my fears and insecurities and more likely to have faith and trust. I had gone from spiritually crawling on all fours to taking a few tentative steps. Or maybe it was more like learning to roll from my belly onto my back.

By doing the opposite of what I wanted to do and was used to doing, I gave up some control and got my feet wet in the Patience Pond. I even allowed a few of my emotional hurts to heal and watched as those scars faded.

By letting go of some (!!) control, my long lost friends, self-worth and self-esteem returned.  They brought along a little dash of confidence and a pinch of sassiness. After what seemed like years, I was able to glimpse what my World was like above ground once again.


When I hear words repeated (ad nauseum, sometimes!!) during a client’s session, I have learned they may have a spiritual or significant meaning for my client.  Most of you know that The Guys love to use big words and that I don’t understand most of them. In fact, I don’t even try anymore. 😉 That’s actually a good thing as these repeated words rarely have the meaning we think they do. So I write them down, look them up and tell my client.  More often than not, we’re blown away by how perfect one or more of the meanings are.
I’m taking a page out of Susie’s handbook (remember her Word of the Week?? LOVED it!!) and I’m going to start blogging a monthly (or weekly, depending on The Guys) intuitively inspired word. Once my website is up and running (or maybe before, who knows!), I may offer a weekly/monthly personalized intuitive word just for you. Just something I’m playing with.  
Here’s two words and their dictionary meanings straight from the voices in my head to yours.  🙂  
a.  Judgement, evaluation  – a favorable critical estimate
b.  Sensitive awareness – recognition of aesthetic values
c.  An expression of admiration, approval or gratitude
d.  Increase in value
a.  The act or power of perceiving or comprehending
b.  The result of apprehending mentally – conception
c.  Seizure by legal process – arrest
d.  Suspicion of fear, especially of future evil – foreboding


Let’s face it; we are a society who says ‘yes’ when we really want to say ‘no.’ For example: ‘”Melissa! Will you watch my second cousins daughter’s liter of newly born pups? All 15 of them need to be fed every hour, cleaned and bathed twice a day and read to for 6 hours. They prefer ‘The Cat in the Hat.’ Then, you’ll need to heat milk and let the puppies individually lap it off your arm.” Uh….sure?  I then spend my remaining unencumbered time wishing for a cataclysmic event or a merciful Act of God so I can graciously not do what I’ve agreed to do!!

Wouldn’t it be easier if we would politely and respectfully say no to the issues or the items that absolutely don’t resonate with us? I tested this theory several years ago with one of my besties.  She’d asked me if I wanted to do something and I simply said, “no.”  Actually, I believe I said “no thanks” as I am a student of Miss Manners.   She blinked a couple of times and said, “Ohhh. Uhhh Ok.”  She later told me she was somewhat taken aback by my directness as she was used to people saying, “I’ll get back to you” and then never doing so.

What she lovingly allowed me to do was to speak my truth. It was empowering and liberating. I had dipped my toes in the ‘Just Say NO’ pond and it went very well! I wasn’t missing any appendages or a best friend!

That whole seemingly innocent conversation allowed me to find my voice.  I found the courage to honor what my inner self needed. In doing so, I took back my power to make decisions, even if they weren’t what the asker wanted to hear.

I now listen closely to my inner voice when it asks, ‘Does this resonate with you or do you need to think about this before you commit?’  I find by doing this, I am able to positively stand by my decisions instead of wishing for a cloud of locusts.




I really try hard not to do my energetic or intuitive Work outside of session. I really, really do. In my early days, prior to me opening up my business, I found myself giving Reiki to anyone and everyone. It didn’t matter if they’d asked for it. Reiki is just such a beautiful gift to give, I couldn’t imagine why anybody would NOT want to receive it. Standing in front of me in the grocery store? Here, have some Reiki. It’s on the house. Stuck in traffic? Here you go, blue Toyota, you might like a little burst of energy.  But, as I became more knowledgeable about Reiki, I became more respectful of it. I came to accept that giving Reiki without permission took away a person’s power and thusly, I stopped.

Sometimes, SOMETIMES though, there is a person whom I can’t quit thinking about. I call it my ‘spidey-sense’ and it usually means this person has been thinking about me, on some level, as well.  This person is someone I know either from my Work or on a personal basis. It’s never a stranger and it’s usually someone’s energy that I’ve felt or worked in before.

About two weeks ago, I was sweating and grunting in my gym’s Group Power class. I happened to make eye contact with one of my friends and fellow sweater/grunter. I knew in an instant something was wrong. Her energy was just off.  I, trying to remain true to the values I hold so dearly, didn’t say a word to her. There have been a few cases where I’m literally so shocked by the information I hear, that I have to open my yapper and ask the individual about it NOW.  But, for her, I left the gym without saying a word.

The next week the same thing happened again. I didn’t even have to make eye contact this time to know. I saw her energy and the feeling I received was stronger this time. Something was off. It was as if she had a lot of troubles on her mind or was dealing with some heavy personal issues. I, again, didn’t do anything about it but I thought about her constantly that week.  That, in itself, told me something. When I can’t get you out of my melon, I must be tellin’. 😉

Today, I decided I had to approach her. I’d sat with it long enough and still felt the pull to reach out. She is familiar with my Work and has known me, personally, for years. I mean this woman and I have pumped iron together side by side. If that doesn’t qualify as knowing someone, what does???

I told her I really didn’t like to do my Work outside of session, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that sometime was wrong. I just felt like she needed a hug. I asked her how I could help or what I could do.  She shut the office door and told me a little bit about what had been going on for the last couple of weeks.  I apologized for the energetic intrusion and she told me she was thankful.

The feeling that someone is in emotional/mental/physical distress doesn’t always happen to me. I’ve been in one group fitness room or another for years (check out my biceps! Gun show, anyone?!) and the need to reach out, without permission, has happened a handful of times. I’m learning to pay more attention to when it does happen, as either I need to help someone or someone needs to help me.

The thing is, some of us are really good at hiding our feelings or emotions from others. Some of us do it in order to be perceived as professional. Some of us do it for self-preservation. Some of us do it to be thought of as strong. Some of us do it because we can. I get it. I know. Whatever the reason, there’s always someone who is willing to help you.  The question is, will you find them or will they find you?


When I say the word, ‘desert’, what image does it conjure for you? For me, it evokes visions of scorching sand, hot, dry air and a barren, almost lifeless landscape. Blech. For some of you, this sounds like a dream come true, maybe even paradise. For me, it sounds like hell.  I don’t like extreme heat, I despise sweating and I hate feeling like I can’t breathe. So how in the holy blue blazes did I find myself in a desert? Here’s the kicker; I created it. Yep, in my mind. Worst yet, I believed it. I thought I WAS sweltering in a desert and that things around me were drying up or dying. I felt frustrated, angry and resentful. These are feelings I don’t personally care for.

What am I clucking about? This was a vision Susie brought to life during one of our recent Reiki sessions. She drew a verbal picture of what I was feeling. Then she said, “It’s an illusion. It’s not real. There’s water under the sand. In fact, it’s an iceberg and it’s only about an inch underneath the sand. All you need to do is scrape the sand away and there’s your water.”

So the desert image was just an illusion, but it felt real. I mean, NOTHING physically was happening in my life. Here I thought everything was drying up and I couldn’t even coax a cough out of an idea.  It was incredibly liberating to remember that if I tweaked my perspective a little bit, I could change what was going on around me. Well, leDUH! I mean, seriously! I KNOW this stuff. I’m often asked to inform clients, “What you think is real, isn’t. It’s an illusion. What you think is black is really white.” And yet sometimes, obviously, I can’t see the forest through the trees.

Another case in point: I recently went to a new chiropractor/acupuncturist. I told her I had chronic sinus infections. She said, “Do you eat/drink dairy?” I replied, “I don’t drink cow’s milk but occasionally eat yogurt and cheese.”  Without missing a beat, this petite powerhouse said, “Do you drink whey protein?” {Insert crickets chirping and me staring like a deer in the headlights.} AND THERE IT IS!! Yes. I. Drink. Whey (read: cow’s milk). Protein.  It was another head slapping, eye-rolling, DUH moment.

AND (no coincidences, right?), I received this Note from the Universe the day after Susie’s and my Reiki session:

“Just knowing that good things are now happening for you behind the curtains of time and space, which will soon spill into your life, is enough to make good things start happening for you.  Always know this, Melissa. Because they are.”

I mean, REALLY!!!

My point being, if I must have one, is that we all need someone who can help us see the bigger picture.  We get bogged down in the mucky-muck and can’t get free. We get caught in a fog and can’t seem to see our way clear.  We may have moments of lucidity but for the most part, we are stuck on a hamster wheel.

I’m blessed to have several of those ‘bigger picture’ souls in my life. Each one has their own niche and each one is invaluable to me.

Earlier I stated, “….we all need someone who can help us see the bigger picture.” Truly, I could have just written, ‘we all need someone.’