Melissa’s Spiel

So you came to this page to read a little bit about me, did ya? Well then, let’s get to it.

I own Inner Focus Reiki where I strive to empower, inspire and enlighten. I do this in a number of ways. First, I offer Intuitive Reiki with Channeled Messages. What’s Reiki? It’s a 2,500-year-old Japanese technique for reducing stress and promoting healing.  What’s Channeling?   It’s where I hear messages from your Guardian Angels, Ascended Beings or maybe even deceased loved ones. I never really know who’s going to be coming to the party. I just know that Their messages encourage, validate and often times, soothe. Everything They say, EVERYTHING is aimed at helping you grow and heal on some level. Nothing is random.

I also teach all levels of Usui Reiki (I am approved by the ND Board of Massage for CE credits). I create and deliver guided and channeled meditations as well as a sprinkling of Empowerment classes. Teaching is a passion of mine (kind of like writing). I love to see faces light up when they feel each other’s energy.

Prior to starting IFR, I was in banking. Yep, that’s right. Analytical/logical/black and white Banking.  I started my career when I was 17, fresh IN high school. I just kept on keeping on until my position was eliminated 21 years later.  Wanna know some of the positions I held? I thought you might.  I was a Consumer Loan Underwriter (one of my favorite positions!) for a good chunk of time, and then I started a Quality Control department in the Credit Card world (one of my LEAST favorite positions).  From there I went to being Internal Audit for 25 ND branches (my most challenging and rewarding position by far).

When my position was eliminated, I just couldn’t go back to Corporate America. Long story short, I found Reiki. I decided if I could take away the pain from one person (at the time my dad was on my mind, even though his cancer diagnosis was still years away), then I would consider myself a huge success.

My intuitive side was always there, but I didn’t really use it much ‘back in the day.’  I’ve got a great blog to write about it when the time is right.  😉  My intuition and style really came together when I started my Reiki training. I’ve been evolving ever since.

I hope you are enjoying my blogs as much as I am enjoying writing them. I was a diary writer starting in my teen-age years and I wrote, on and off, for years and YEARS after that.  I have some funny gopher/two-iron stories as well as some HI-larious stuff about my husband and I when we were dating. I’m not sure any of that is or will ever be ready for prime time, though.

If there’s a subject you’d like for me to consider writing about, please let me know. If you’re liking or loving my blogs, please let me know!  If you want to hear more about my Work, set up a session or maybe write an article about MEEEEE, well, you know what to do, right? Just get a hold of me telepathically (OK, KIDDING!! Just a bit of Intuitive humor!) or by more conventional routes such as:




Phone: 701.FOUR ONE TWO.3831

Peace out,


BTW, spammers are not welcome. Big SAD face. 😦


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