Guided and Channeled Meditations

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What’s a Guided Meditation?  A guided meditation is where I verbally lead you down a path. I ‘guide’ you with my words. I find this type of meditation is helpful for the beginning meditationers as it keeps their mind engaged and actively involved. Translation: There is less time for you to think about your ‘to do’ list.  When there is ‘quiet time’, I encourage you to allow your mind to play and explore.

Guided meditations are a fantastic way to help heal your whole body.

What’s a Channeled Meditation? My channeled meditations differ from my guided meditations as I’m not necessarily guiding you or helping your mind paint a picture. You’ll be in a lucid, relaxed, comfortable state but actively listening to my uh, Their words. Who’s ‘They’? The information I hear (channel) comes from my/your/our Guides or Guardian Angels/Ascending Beings. As you can imagine, these uncensored, transcribed words are powerful, insightful and life changing. You won’t find this original information elsewhere, folks.

I’m new(er) to meditating, can I participate? Sure! One just needs to know how to keep your eyes closed, stay relaxed, breathe and be visually open to take part. Simply stated, you can participate regardless of your meditation aptitude.

Do you offer private meditations? I sure do! It’s the same price as for an hour Intuitive Reiki session.  Whether it’s just you or several of your besties, the price remains the same.  Seating/space at Inner Focus Reiki is somewhat limited, however.  I can comfortably accommodate up to eight.

Where can I take in one of your group meditations?  Nothing is being offered at this time BUT I’m always willing to come to your business for a little lunch time rejuvenation.

Want to receive notifications of upcoming classes/meditations?  Then let me add you to my confidential email list. And remember, I am always open to presenting these meditations at local businesses or based on demand at IFR.



Guided Meditation Offerings (45 to 50 minutes):

The Healing Chamber: This one will allow you to immerse yourself in a room full of healing colors. Your mind is a powerful tool and in this meditation, it will help fuel your thoughts to become positive, empowering and healing.

Tropical Healing Paradise: This one will immerse your mind in a lush, tropical setting. But this is a “working” vacation as you’ll be discarding a negative self-belief/image and replacing it with a positive one.

Energetic Protection: One of my most frequently asked questions is, “How do I protect myself from people who drain my energy?” We’ll explore three different creative visualization techniques, which will help you energetically protect yourself from external lower, denser or negative energies.

Meet Your Guide: Many of you have interest in how you can go about meeting your Guides (or Guardian Angels/Ascended Beings).  This meditation will help you do just that.   You’ll be visually led through a sun-filled meadow where you’ll await your Guide’s arrival and hopefully, begin creating an open dialog. I’ve allowed plenty of time for you to hang out with each other and to marvel at what your mind shows you.


Channeled Empowerment Meditation Series (4 – 30 to 35 minute meditations)

The Power of Forgiveness  – “You wish to forgive. All right. We will help you with that order for it is not such a small task. It is rather large since it affects so many levels of the plain. It affects you emotionally, physically and yes, even spiritually. It affects you psychologically and intramurally.  It affects you at your core, your base, the very crux of your Being and existence. It affects you deeply and powerfully.”

The Power of Gratitude – “Gratitude means love. When you have gratitude, you are open for advancement. You are open for acceleration and for love. Gratitude leads you down paths that you cannot imagine for to have gratitude opens you up to the higher frequencies. We do not understand why you do not choose gratitude more often. It is not painful. It is not demeaning. It is love. Gratitude is love.”

The Power of Charity – “As a youngster, everything was new and beautiful. As you aged, you peppered your visions with knowledge and knowing and even forgiveness. You forgot that anything was possible and started believing the odds. You started seeing the gray instead of the black and the white. You started DIS-believing. You started to wonder about wonder.”

The Power of Faith – “You are in a place that does not exist in time. It exists only within your mind and therefore is uniquely your own. No one else will experience what you do. No one else will feel what you feel or sense what you sense. No one else will remember what you remember or forget what you must forget. You are in a place of Faith. A place where anything is possible for all you have to do is create it.”