Channeled Message 6.20.14

Melissa’s Note: I’ve seen so much discord and physical injuries with my clients lately that I asked my Guys for a channeled message. I asked them if all this upheaval was due to Mercury being in retrograde or the upcoming Summer Solstice.  This is their response….

“You humans put too much emphasis on a certain day (i.e. Summer Solstice) when the reality is, the energy exchange has started weeks prior.  Have you not all felt it? Maybe it translates into unease for some of you. Maybe it shows itself as unrest or even fear. Maybe you are struggling with relationships or letting go of that which you know is no longer for your highest good. Whatever it is, the majority of you are feeling out of sorts or distended, if you will.

We offer you this: This energy blast will not last.  This One rolls her eyes as she transcribes this and perhaps she is wise to do so. She is no stranger to how we work and she knows that when we say something will not last, it could become worse before it becomes better. She is a veteran in the trenches and has seen her fair share of triage as well as bruises and bumps.

We wish to let you all know that YOU are making this more difficult than it really needs to be.  You are given options and sometimes you choose the easy route and sometimes you do not.

What is the ‘easy route’ you ask? It is simple.  Let go of all that is no longer serving a purpose (for your highest good). Time to declutter? Then do so. Time to weed out the weeds in your life? Then do so.  Time to cut dead weight? Then do so.  See? We tell you it is simple and yet you humans sometimes make mountains out of mole hills.

We do not understand why you languish at some of these changes. Have they not served you better in the long run? Have you not thanked the Powers That Be for allowing you to move forward and find greener pastures?  Have you not rewarded yourself for getting through the emotions and energies that seem to plague you?  Yes, YES! We see that you do! Time and time again, we see that you do.

And still some of you struggle to retain the Old. Yes, yes, we know it is ‘comfortable’ as this One is telling us. We see that patterns are hard to break but we offer you this; why did you choose to reincarnate? Why did you willingly and lovingly choose to return to a planet where there is so much dysfunction and abuse? We will tell you. It is because you CHOSE to do so. You CHOSE to return in order to work out issues, amend judgments and right wrongs that you were not able to do in past lives.

Everything, EVERYTHING that you are struggling with can be made easier if you will allow it to be so. We do not wish to sound trite, we wish to sound knowledgeable as that is our role in your lives. We are here to guide you and help you but ultimately, you make your own decisions. Right or wrong, you will live out the consequences of your actions.

Sometimes you will need to sit with your decisions and other times it will come naturally to you.  It is as it should be. You are guided by an inner compass, if you will, that you humans call “intuition.” For some of you, you have forgotten this innate gift, while others embrace it and hear its call.  Intuition is there to help you, to guide you, to show you and to help you heal. Ignore it at your own peril.

We offer you this; do not fear what you cannot see for it often turns out to be exactly what you need. We deal with your spiritual growth and we never steer you wrong. Ever. It is not in our DNA as you humans like to say.  It is our job and we take it very seriously. We are here to guide you and help you grow. How you perceive our help is up to you.

You are being asked to let go of all that does not serve you. That may mean ending relationships that are tired and worn, moving beyond taxing emotional burdens or embracing something new.  Whatever it means for you, do not fear it for it is not to be feared. It is to be embraced, rejoiced and enjoyed.

Are we speaking directly to you? You might think so, but this is something that is meant for the masses.  Globally.  There is no “right or wrong” as it is all just energy. How you deal with that energy is soulely (did you catch our play on words?) up to you.

We leave you now with gratitude.  You are strong and have an amazing sense of character.  Keep honing and refining and you will see the load lightening or shifting. Or you can choose to stay just as you are and feel battered and broken. The choice is yours.”

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