Channeled Message 3.21.14

PREFACE:  I just can’t seem to get to a place where I can write a blog. The Guys asked me if I would document a message from them and well, saying no isn’t really an option. 🙂

“Dear Ones, we hear your screams. We know we have left you in agony. It is incomprehensible and we sincerely and most whole-heartedly apologize for the delay in your dreams manifesting. Some of you wish to give up and in truth, some of you have.  We have accepted more of you back into our loving arms than any of you will truly know. It is just the lay of the land.  People tire and when they tire, they can no longer climb or go forward.  These people do not wish to continue their learning and request a ticket to the Promised Land.  No. We do not make light of what you humans call heaven for to do so would be a sacrilege against what you believe. We would never do that, it is not our way.

This One (me) is tired, too.  She has been in the trenches with the rest of you triaging those that find their way to her.  She is tireless and is a proud warrior but we see the new lines beginning on her face, as well.

We wish we had better answers for you but this is all uncharted territory for us as well. Some of you think we are omnipotent and should be able to solve all the earthly dilemmas, but we tell you we are far from it. We are from a meld that contains vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom about your spiritual growth, but some of the questions you are asking or demanding answers to are literally above our pay grade. We borrowed that expression from our little One as we feel it fits.

We urge you to not give up the fight. There is dawn right around the corner. This One wants to punch us and maybe she is right to want that.  It is horrible what this latest energy burst has done to some of you. Others have weathered the storm fairly well and well, still others have opted to return home. It is a cycle; it will continue for as long as there are human inhabitants on planet Earth.

We do wish to bring to you a ray of hope, a spark of sunshine, if you will.  This can’t last forever. We promise you it WON’T last forever.  Even now there are streaks of brilliant orange, yellow and red on the horizon. The end of this phase is near. The question you all should be asking yourselves is what will be your first step when you feel unencumbered again.  Plan for that, look TO that.  That will be your salvation and redemption, all in one.

Some of you still have some dust to shake out of the rugs you call life. Others fair better as they have already done their spring cleaning and rug shaking.  It is in everyone’s best interest to realize that no one is an island; you are ALL inter-connected.  If that makes sense, wouldn’t it benefit you all to help those who are in supreme pain? Wouldn’t it feel right and good to do so?  In essence, you are really helping yourself by helping others. Ahhhh….now some of you see where we are going with this. Good!  If you are ALL energy, then helping or healing one of your masses has a residual, positive effect on the greater good.

We urge you to focus your bright eyes on the everlasting dawn that is coming. Focus your thoughts and desires on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Once this energy blast has cleared, you will feel unfettered and free to move about the country. It is as it shall be.

We remind you; you are NOT alone, not now, not ever. There is always someone watching over you whether that person be incarnate or ascended.  We will help where we can, of course, but this journey is yours.  What will you do today to make it better?

We leave you now knowing we hear your pleas. We hear your turmoil and watch you struggle with the unknown. We rejoice that so many of you are already aiding others for to do so will save the world as you know it.”   

(Melissa’s Note: Holy Schamolly! That last line packed a wallop!)

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