Winter/Spring 2014 Usui Reiki Training Dates

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Here’s a couple of supercalifragilistic notes about my Usui Reiki classes:

1.    All of these Reiki trainings are approved for CE credits by the ND Board of Massage and the ND Board of Nursing.

2.    I like to keep my class sizes limited in order to promote a comfortable, intimate training environment. Please register early to ensure your spot.

3.    Did you take your training from someone else and now are rethinking (or regretting!) that? I can help! You can audit any one of my classes for a reduced fee.

4.    Can’t make this training? I’m ALWAYS willing to add another class based on demand. But OF COURSE I am!.


Usui Reiki ISaturday, April 1210 to 3 – $200 (register by: 3.28.14)

If you want to explore Reiki and reconnect with your inherent healing abilities, this is the place to start!  You’ll discover how Reiki can be used in everyday life as well as the history, degrees and benefits of Reiki.  We’ll discuss chakra/aura functions, clues to physical ailments and learn hand positions for administering Reiki to yourself and others. Want more? How about performing Reiki on your fellow classmates! This is just a glimpse of what is packed into this highly informative class. Are you ready?


Usui Reiki II – Saturday, March 810 to 4 – $250 (register by: 2.21.14)

Want more Reiki? Here you go!  In this life changing class, you’ll learn three sacred symbols that will increase the power of your hands-on treatments. These symbols will be used during class when you administer/receive a Long Distance Healing to your classmates. Yes! It IS possible to send Reiki energy and I’ll show you how!  Additionally, you’ll discover ways to change your own negative thoughts into positive ones. This alone could literally change your life…for the better.  There’s always more to learn and we’ll each have our turn delivering hands-on Reiki. 


Usui Reiki III – Saturday, May 3 – 10 to 3 – $300 (register by: 4.18.14)

Some believe Reiki III to be the most exciting part of Reiki training as the energy surrounding it seems to be ‘lighter’ than any other level.  Come learn the intentions surrounding the last sacred healing symbol and a Master Attunement symbol.  Add in an immunity energizing procedure plus a technique designed to release negative energy and you’ve got your Reiki bases covered.  We’ll wrap up this class, and your formal Reiki training, with our customary hands-on Reiki practice time.  

“You are a wonderful teacher blending tradition with a fun sense of humor and wit.”

(Note: Payment in full is required prior to class. These payments are non-refundable except in cases of emergency or weather.)


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