Channeled Message – January 2014




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(Melissa’s note: I’ve been hearing this for a few clients lately and the Guys wanted to expand upon it. Fair warning: They get a bit feisty.)

“We wish to expand upon what we have been asking this Little One to relay during several of her intuitive sessions recently. We have asked her to tell each client we deem needs to hear it that when they speak harshly to themselves, they speak harshly to the entire universe.

We further simplify for each client by saying, “If you berate yourself, you berate your mother, your father, your daughter, your brother. You berate ALL THOSE YOU LOVE” for, in our eyes, you are all energy and what you think about yourself, you think about your neighbor.  It’s an interesting concept, is it not? We think so.

We’d like for you to ponder the ramifications and effects of that last sentence. We wish to repeat: “What you say to yourself, negative or positive, you say to the entire earthly population.” We see some of you raise your hand to your lips and your eyes go wide.  Our words have hit their mark. You understand that to treat yourself harshly is to treat all those that you love harshly. It just cannot be done. In truth, it should never be done. Ever.

You humans were not put on this earth to find fault with yourself. Never. Not once was that in the grand scheme. But you compare and justify and abuse just the same.  The one you choose to turn your malice upon is yourself, your sweet, gentle inner soul.

We tell you strongly it must stop. You are breeding putridity and hate and it’s not something we will tolerate for much longer. What can we do? Some of you have no idea what we are capable of and while threats are not our game, we bring with us promises. Continue to abuse yourself and you will suffer the consequences. It just is. It is the way it must be.

We can barely tolerate the self-abuse you humans heap, undeservingly so, upon your shoulders. We urge you to examine the intent behind your harpings. What is it you think you’re missing? What is it you think you deserve? Above all, we urge you to examine why it is acceptable to most of you to be abusive towards the entire race.

There is new energy coming in. It is powerful and strong and it will blast out most, if not all, of that which is no longer resonate. In order to make your journey into and through this upcoming energy expansion, we URGE you to try and let go some of the negative self-talk that comes so easily to you. We urge you with the highest degree of love.  For your journey into the Expansion will be tumultuous and troublesome if you still cling to the old, standard ways of doing things. We wish for it to be an easy, even breezy if you will, transformation.

What will you do with this information? We hope you use it to your greatest advantage for we have aeons of love for you all. Infinite love that will never expire or lose its luster. Please, we almost beg of you, stop belittling yourselves. It does your entire race a huge disservice.

We wish to thank this One (me), for patiently transcribing our words. She knows the importance of these messages although it’s not always easy for her to grasp what we are saying or where we are coming from. She is a warrior fighting the good fight. We salute her and all that she is trying to do. She is but one and you are many. Band together, bond and rise up. It is almost time to show the world your glory. Do not fear you will not ‘be enough’ for we tell you, you are already enough.”

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